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Give Me A Freaking Paper Bag



so freaking depressed. thanks skin, THANKS.

i so don't wanna go out of town this weekend for work looking like this. say hello to zero confidence, when i really need some confidence. ugh ugh ugh fml!


Just hang in there. I know its tough, I am at university at the moment and have missed plenty of lessons due to not being able to go in because of my acne. I used to have so much confidence and such clear skin, but when i turned 19 boom! was like a disease. I am heading home very soon and hoping to start a course of cetaphil facewash and moisturiser and s trong BP Gel on my affected areas. As i currently havn't had a facewash regime in a long time, i feel this could be one main factor.

It will get better, just eat healthier, cut all junk and dairy and have a good facewash regime and im sure you will clear up in no time :)

Keep us posted,


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I was on Accutane twice during my teenage years and it totally sucks. My self esteem was crap but after the treatments, I looked-and felt-soooo much better. Just keep telling yourself that this is only temporary. Hang in there!

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Don't stress it. It can be hard when you're feeling down about your skin - I can think of loads of times I bailed on stuff because I didn't like how I looked - but it's not worth letting it win. I know that from experience.

You can fake at least a little confidence and get through, and in the meantime, do stuff that makes you feel good about yourself.

For what it's worth, I saw your pictures and the only thing I noticed was your smile. You could alter a persons complexion any which-way you like, but ultimately, features and personality are what others notice the most, providing you let them shine through instead of letting acne hold you back. :)

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