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Post-Accutane - Update



Hi, it's been a while! Well my skin has been great overall, the tone of it is getting clearer with the help of this sunny spring weather. I'm extremely happy because I can see my freckles! Back before getting acne I hated my freckles, but now I couldn't be happy to see my little friends appearing again. When I had acne for the past three Summers I couldn't see any freckles, basically because I couldn't see any decent skin under the lumps and bumps, and I really missed those little guys. Being able to see freckles popping up every day reminds me of when I was younger and clear skinned, it's funny how opinions on appearances can change when something like acne hits you, you stop taking little 'imperfections' for granted.

I've been logging any pimples that have been coming up in a diary, trying to find if they correlate with some external variable, like food or emotions. So far nothing has jumped out at me, it just seems to be worse in the gap in my pill cycle, so I think hormones could well be the cause. The spots I have been getting are of a different standard to what I got before accutane. They're not really spots a lot of the time, they remind of me of that little sharpish bump you get in paper after proding it with a pin. It's been a few weeks since I've had any sort of spot, so that's a good sign.

Hopefully this Spring/Summer will improve my skin even more, just a few little red marks left now. I'm looking forward to having even more freckles tongue.png





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Check out your awesome freckly self and your ability to post closeup shots without a care! cool.png

I remember when I started clearing up and began noticing the odd freckle, happily. It's the silliest thing, but it was nice to realise that as no longer any acne to pay attention to. Strange how it creeps up and catches us off guard, even though that's what we've been working towards all along!

Even if you haven't been able to pick out any apparent and regular triggers relating to diet or emotions, it at least crosses those things off the list of possibilities. Does indeed sound like there isn't much left other than hormones, so I'd say that can be chalked up as a success because if anything happens further down the line and you need to look at treatments, you know that that's probably the best bet. I wouldn't worry about that at all though because it sounds like things are under well under control following that little post-Accutane wobble.

Reckon it all leaves you to relax and enjoy the oncoming summer! I'm going to try that myself actually. Should be interesting because I don't think I've confidently been out there during the summer months since I was about 12 years old - it all went downhill the following summer when puberty showed up and kicked my arse! lol.gif

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I know, it definitely seems to creep up on you! I still feel like I have acne, it's like I can sense when a mirror is coming up and I look down in fear of seeing spots, it's just a habit that has internalised itself into my behaviour.

Yeah, I was dreading that I'd realise chocolate was causing my acne, I couldn't live without my chocolate, but then I didn't want acne either...happy to have that crossed off the list. But the hormones is a relief, because it means my pill is controlling it pretty well and it's just 7 days where I'm likely to break out. Also, because I know when I'm inthe break of the pill I know that any little red mark should be covered in Retin-A, just in case. It's great to feel in control of my skin :D

Can't wait for this summer, but it's also a bit strange seeing as it's been so long since I've felt comfortable in the warmer months-normally I dread it. Good luck to the both of us, hopefully it will be the best summer ever ^_^

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