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Accutane Week 1 : Day 6



Feeling a bit low and emotional today - not sure why as the sun is out and I've been feeling pretty good for a while. Am sure it's just everyday cycles of ups and downs but worth noting none the less as no specific trigger for it.

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Hope you're feeling chirpier soon! :D

Now that you mention it, I've been feeling kind of blue today as well. Even will time to myself and a chance to enjoy the nice weather, still been in a bit of a mood which I haven't been able to shake. We all have moments like that I guess. Still, tomorrow's a new day!

You're right to note it though because it's always wise to pay attention to how you're feeling and what your body is doing. Certainly worth it in your current situation, starting a new medication and all...

Sure it will soon pass, as will the time on Accutane. I've never taken it myself but it's amazing how fast it seems to go, following the blogs and message board logs of those who go through a course. All the ones I've followed have seen great results so fingers crossed it goes the same way for you and it gives you the clear skin you're no doubt hoping for. :)

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