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Week 9



Week 9

It's late and I'm tired, This will not be long. :P

A lot has happened since the last time I posted, I've been to my derm and he just told me that It's looking good and prescribed me with 10 weeks of Roaccutane at 30mg, I was pretty pissed off leaving the hospital because he didn't listen to me at all, I wanted to vent and talk to him about what was going on but I was literally in his room for about 5 minutes, then to top it all off, the nurse who took my blood was a f**king arse.

So yeah, he also said "I hope I don't see you here again", so then, I now have a timescale... eusa_think.gif

I've also forgot to mention that I suffer from OCD and trust me, this makes acne a hundred times worse. I also self-diagnosed myself with Acne dysmorphia because I show all symptoms and makes life really quite difficult for me. Although I have one or two pimples at most, I check my skin constantly and my brain tells me I have the severest of Acne and makes me feel disgusting and horrible. :(strongsad.gif

Although I'm well aware that I am not supposed to be out in the sun, I've been playing football outside topless for hours on end and I'm not even effected by it, I was slightly tired when I came in but...

I've caught a lovely tan, haha, I also went to the dentist today and had several needles in my mouth, I had a temporary crown fitted, uncomfortable.

Anyway, that's all I'm writing today, The heat has went to my head and I'm so tired, Goodnight all :)


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