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Accutane -Nearly A Month!



So it's almost a month since I've started the course and i'm still going pretty well-. I'm on 30 mg/day atm but probably increasing to 40 mg this week. Actually (for some strange reason) I haven't felt this happy in quite a while!?

I thought it would be the exact opposite and I pictured myself (as well as prepared myself) for getting depressed.

it's weird. I haven't cried in ages!!

Although I've been pretty good at avoiding mirrors in bad lighting but even that doesn't get me down as much as it used to.

I'm pretty happy to say that I never got a flare up like many people say they do, I've only got one or two new pimples since I've started!!! I got a few old ones that I had before starting the course that doesn't seem to do away though, is that normal???

The side effects I'm experiencing so far are very dry lips, dry skin (but actually not too bad, I've experienced worse on topicals) and feeling more tired than usually. I can't wait til I'm done!!!!


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