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Week 19 On Tretinoin - Diet, Morphing Acne, And How I'm Pathetic



Sooo if you read my last entry, and then checked my gallery, you may have noticed I did NOT post progress pictures for that week. I knew it would just make me frustrated seeing the new breakout. I know, pathetic right? Trying to accurately document my progress so I can try to really peg this thing down, and I can't even bring myself to look at pictures...Good news is, I do have progress pics for this week, because the spots from that breakout is finally dying down! I ate HORRIBLY this past week (AFTER my horrid breakout)...fried food, fast food, ice cream galore, candybars, dairy, etc, and I've had no new spots develop. I never attributed my acne to diet anyways, but reading through the forums I started to think about maybe playing around with my diet again, because so many people have been able to link their acne to certain foods. But after this week, I'm pretty sure I can say with 100% confidence my acne is not diet related. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm glad I don't have to cut those foods out, because they are oh-so-delicious, but then again if it WERE diet related, I could change my diet accordingly and rid myself of this curse called acne!

What's weird about my acne...it has changed over the years. It started out as tons of tiny flesh colored bumps on my forehead only when I was 10 years old. Then 1 or 2 kind of sore pustules in random places on my face, along with the previously mentioned forehead bumps for the next several years. The last couple years I continued with pustules and started to get papules as well. But the bumps on the forehead...GONE! Last summer was the worst...papules and pustules ALL OVER. This is when my family started making comments about my skin getting worse. People at work were noticing too. I remember my temples were ALWAYS broke out (I have the boxcar scars to prove it!). This year (especially since starting prescription meds), my forehead stays clear 98% of the time...at most I'll have 1 spot there. It seems the acne didn't start concentrating on my jawline until AFTER I started the meds, and it's all papules now. I remember always having the kind of acne that I could squeeze and pick. Now, just sore papules...they don't get "heads" so I don't pick because it's pointless.

Has anyone else had acne that has changed significantly like this? And any opinions why my acne type changed AFTER I started the prescription meds? Although my entire face used to be covered, I never really had any problems with my jawline until after starting Tret and Clindamycin in November...opinions are welcomed!!!


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