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Day 108



My skin is seriously smooth. My face is looking good, no actives on my face recently smile.png Just some 2 or 3 red spots are healing. Unfortunately, my skin seems to go through cycles where its clear and spots are healing, but by the time the spots heal then I start to break out again and this keeps going in cycles. Idk if its hormones or whatever but it's annoying because every time I start to think I'm clearing up I break out again!

Something I noticed is that most of the side effects (except dry lips/skin) don't stay for long, which is great. Either they just go away or diminish, for example the itchy scalp, weird chest pain, blurred vision in my left eye, itchy hands, dandruff, and small patches of mild eczema. The only lasting side effects are dry lips and dry skin, but the latter isn't as much of a problem now that the weather is warming up and there has been a lot of rain recently. Oh and also I get creaky back when I lay down for the first minute.. it's wierd haha.

On the other hand, my body is really drying out taking 80 mg a day. My eyes are so dry it's hard to blink when wake up and sometimes at night if they're really dried out it hurts a bit to take my contacts out. My nose and side of my mouth can get peeling sometimes and healing spots take FOREVER to go away if I don't put shea butter on them, because they peel and then the skin is tender and then it dries out and peels again. My nostrils are uncomfortable sometimes, and I put vaseline on em. Nonetheless, these drying effects are completely tolerable/worth it in comparison to the clear skin I am experiencing.

Overall this has been a pretty good week with my skin!


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