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Therapeutic Venting Or Avoiding Homework



You decide. I feel like I really need to get my mind off of everything that's going on. It's funny how when our skin is looking great, we can somehow forget how to treat it and keep up with our personal regimens. And life gets busy, so skin is sort of on the back burner for me.

There have been minor pimples here there- particularly around my nose- where my upper lip and nostrils meet. But those were just clogged pores that have gone away. Some zits but they are very superficial and go away in a day or two with no scarring. That volcanoe between my eyes is nearly gone, just dry skin that is in its place. I zacked that thing with Finacea. But now, I have this big pimple next to my mouth. It hurts :( It reminds me that acne is painful lol. Mouth pimples are the worst lol. It's deep too. I honestly believe though it's because of dairy. The last few weeks, I've done an experiment of ingesting dairy- like half&half creamer with my tea everyday, chocolate, or milk with lattes, etc. I haven't had a zit like this in a while, so I guess I will stay away from it!

Embarrassing thing- my dad went to pick up my prescription of finacea, and when I retrieved it from him he was surprised at the cost (roughly $180). He asked, "is that some zit cream?"

Me: "Ya dad, it is. But it really works so it's worth it..."

"What happened to clearasil?"

People that don't understand acne make comments and suggestions like that.

Anyways, skin is recovering again from not doing my regimen for those few weeks. :) Nothing major has happened...no cysts at least....yet... At least I know not to attempt that experiment again in the future! Ok, enough procrastinating... now on to dreaming about perfect skin :)


Sounds more like therapeutic avoidance of homework. The perfect combination! biggrin.png

The way I see it, if you have contributed to the breakout because you were consuming more dairy, at least you can use that knowledge to help control things more from now on. It's frustrating at the time and it's natural to think, 'If Id just stayed away from that, my skin would still be great!', but it soon passes and I don't doubt that you can get back to where you were.

These last few months as I've been paying more attention to what I was eating in terms of it being skin friendly, I found that anything I was intolerant of would trigger a breakout within 48 hours. It would then take a week for that to be fully out of my system and for the acne to clear. It seems crazy how one moment can influence a whole week. Certainly no fun trying to get through those periods, but again, it's all knowledge.


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Ya Paul, you're right. It doesn't take much to cause acne, but to get out those triggers out of our systems takes like 3 times as long! lol I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is suspicious of dairy causing breakouts!

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