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Thankful I Found This Site!



I am so thankful I found this site! I have tried everything to combat my acne, which has taken up my whole face and is red, inflamed, and is very painful!

I read the entire site before deciding to order the products. But while waiting for them to arrive, I used some of the many products I already have to get a head start on clear skin.

Boy am I glad I did! Cetaphil facewash, clinique BP product (10%), and cetaphil moisturizer were the products I used. I used them for the last two weeks (mail must have been slow!) and my skin DRAMATICALLY improved in the first two days. When I say my face was mad, I don't say it in the lightest terms. But during the last two weeks I have not gotten one new pimple...WHY DIDNT I TRY THIS SOONER! I tried everything under the sun besides accutane(which wasn't an option I wanted to even consider) and this whole time I could have lessened my acne by A LOT!

Turns out, it wasn't the products I was using but the way I was washing my face! I'll admit it, I was a firm believer in the harder you scrubbed and rubbed the cleaner your skin would be! Ahhhhhh I was doing it all wrong!! I picked, I scratched, I rubbed, and touched my skin way more than I should have!

The last two weeks, the ONLY time I touched my face was when I washed my face, which I did SUPER gently, and I let my face AIR DRY after I washed it, and did NOT use a towel to pat "gently". I think that really helped!

My face looks REALLY good! okay, so its not quite ready for a Neutrogena commerical, but guess what I am okay with that as long as everyone isnt staring at my face for the wrong reasons. I might never have "clear" skin but I just want skin that I can live with, and I am on my way and I LOVE it :) No new blemishes, no active acne, yes LOTS of old blemished but its all good, I look like me again :) I got my products today in the mail, tried them, and cannot wait to see even better results :)

Question: Is two full pumps of the moisturizer necessary because it seems like a lot?

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Pleased for you :) I have very severe acne and i am planning on using the exactly same regime as you do. Cetaphil facewash, moisuturiser and a strong BP gel but i dont know what yet. I am also going to change my diet by eating a lot more fruit and veg and also take a supplement of B5 and zinc as that works wonders apparantly.

Keep in touch with your results


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