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Makeup Remover



I mentioned in my last post how I never seem to get all my makeup off and I only realized this as I've started using the sal acid peel as I have to first prep the skin, post-wash, with alcohol. I notice that there's still makeup when I wipe my face down after washing AND I still get makeup on my tissue when I apply the peel! I'm using the Ponds cleanser/makeup remover and I love that it's light and moisturizing and cooling and never stripping but it doesn't take care of the makeup. I used that tonight then rinsed then applied a second time and used the clarisonic and, oh yeah, there was makeup left behind. That's definitely not helping my acne prone skin.

So I'll start using the clarisonic again. Helps with makeup and also with my red marks (I have TONSSSSS after my big OCM breakout)

But I'm also thinking about using sunflower oil to remove makeup then follow with my cleanser. Kinda scary...but I'm considering it. I definitely need to figure out a way to get all my makeup off no matter what. I've never actually used a makeup remover, simply used a cleanser (sometimes double cleansing). We'll see. Anyone have any suggestions?

The good news is my skin is looking so much better and the itching has subsided some. My right side, chin, and forehead are PRETTY MUCH clear. LIttle bumps, clogged pores, after what I went through, I don't even care about them. My left cheek has...three pimples. I mean, my face is doing much better, I'm thankful. I'll be upgrading to a 30% salicylic acid peel this weekend which is great because I just finished my 20% peel last night.

Really, I'm just not worrying about my face anymore. I go to the derm in a month and she'll take care of it. Knock it out with antibiotics. Until then, I'm just chillin.

And when I'm on antibiotics and clear, I can just focus on those red marks :)

I'm so thankful I only have a month of this left. It makes it so much more bearable. I know the antibiotics will work because they worked AMAZINGLY a few years ago. Amazingly.


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Hey I just wanna say that I tried removing makeup with oil- jojoba oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and didn't get anything but just conjested skin. Even if people say that the molecules in oil are too big to get in your pores, I disagree.

Since September, I've been using Bioderma Crealine H20 sensitive formula to remove makeup. It works so good that it removes my sunscreen, moisturizer, skin oils without making my skin dry, tight, or shiny. I have combination skin. Sometimes there is some risidual makeup left over, but I always wash my face after for about 30 sec to a minute. I don't know what kind of makeup you use, but I imagine with heavier foundations and liquid foundations one would need to use more of the Bioderma. Anyways, good luck!

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I wash my face 3 times at night...then use a toner to remove the excess...that gets it all off...and I wear liquid foundation and bare minerals foundation on top...

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