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Accutane Day One, Two, And Three



Lemme introduce myself:

I'm a 21 year old female college student living in Southern California. I am graduating at the end of May, and all I want for graduation is clear skin. I have had acne since I was about 13 and started getting my period. Throughout high school my skin was bad compared to my friends (who always have had miraculously clear skin without needing to do anything), but I wore makeup and didn't care about it that much because acne is something that you are supposed to grow out of when you become an adult. When I went to college, my skin started to get worse and worse. Over the last two years, my skin has become more broken out than ever before. I sometimes don't recognize the person in the mirror, and often find myself crying to a very sympahtetic mother about how much my face literally hurts (not just to look at hahaha).

During this time, I have also discovered that my IBS is mostly due to my dairy/egg/wheat sensititvity, and suffer from pain and discomfort after some meals. Because of this, I try to avoid these foods as much as possible, but find that I rarely succeed for more than a week at a time.

I have tried everything that the dermatologist has given me, ProActiv, and all of those vairous drug store and homeopathic remedies. Acctuane is really my last option, so I am disregarding all of the possible side effects, giving up my favorite leisure activity (laying in the sun), making a blog to keep track of my progress and problems, and MANIFESTING CLEAR SKIN.

Day One:

I was so excited about my Accutane coming that I literally took it right away. That evening I felt extremely cold, like I had a fever or that my skin was burning. It is really unlikely that I was already experiencing problems...maybe it was wishful thinking that the drug had already begun it's magical transformation...I was experiencing a bit of soreness and discomfort when I woke up in the morning and decided it was a good idea to start taking fish oil daily for my joints.

Day Two:

I have decided to take 20 mg instead of 10, after reading many postings about the effectiveness of Accutane. I personally suffer from intensely dry skin without Accutane, so dry to the point that it usually just flakes off despite that I wash my face and use Cetaphil moisterizer twice daily. My experience in the past with other products is that they have been too severe and damaging to my extremely sensitive skin, so I figured that I should use the same dosage for Accutane as someone with very sensitive skin (like Rosacea sufferers).

Even though it was gorgeous outside, I didn't want to bake in the sun since it was my second day. I went to read outside in the shade for maybe an hour and a half and then went home. Along the way, I was feeling kind of dizzy and having a headache despite all the water I was drinking, so when I got home, I sat on the couch. I was basically falling asleep so I went an took an hour nap. When I woke up I had dinner, did homework, and then the headache started coming back. I smoked weed and got a really good nights sleep. I could already feel new pimples coming to the surface, and was certain that this was the horrible breakout that is supposed to mark the beginning of the treatment.

Day Three:

When I first wake up in the morning, my face looks a little bit better. Then I wash it and it becomes horribly inflamed and red (even though I am using Cetaphil...). This is completely normal for me, it just sucks. When I went to the bathroom around 3 hours after doing my makeup, I couldn't believe how dry my skin was! The makeup was already beginning to crackle and flake off. It was not looking too sexy, but I don't really know what to do about this makeup issue (this is always my struggle). It is weird because my skin is like severely dry and I can never seem to get rid of all the dry skin and flakes. I put moisturizer on, and it looks better for a little, but an hour later, my skin is thirsty again.

Have I mentioned how much water I have been drinking? I've had at least 5 liters of water today and still feel thirsty. I have also been feeling kind of nauseous. When I drink a lot of water it kind of goes away. But drinking water is great for you, and great for the skin, so I guess it can't be a bad thing...it's just so UNLIKE ME. And I have been so tired feeling all day. But it's my first night of the weekend, and I have tons of stuff to do, which will hopefully keep me distracted until my boyfriend comes next Thursday.

I am manifesting myself with perfectly clear skin because this treatment of Accutane works quickly and effectively with very little side effects. And so it is! smile.png


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