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Acne Has Taken Over My Life

Liam Foster


So I have cut out all sugary foods and still I am getting new hurtful acne. I am so lost and hurt. Acne is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, fact. It has changed who I am, how I live, how I am with people. My forehead acne hurts so much. And my cheeks are hurting so much also. I look at the gallery pictures of some of you who have posted pics of yourself and seriously, your acne isn't at all severe, just a few red spots here and there and you think your at breaking point. Once you have acne so severe and ugly and hurtful as mine, then I will understand. I just wanna punch everything in sight, punch everyone who looks at me. I feel like I just wanna peel all my skin off my face. It has destroyed my face, If i do eventually get rid of it, I will have scars. I don't even pick or pop my spots anymore.

I just want this over with now. I am supposed t be at University again today, but once again I don't wanna go. All the people who talk about getting rid of acne make it sound so god damn easy, about cutting back on sugar, sticking to a certain diet, doing this, doing that, and I think to myself why can't i just live my life as i want to and not by a certain rule. Eat whatever the hell i want to. You only have 1 life and my is getting ruined. It is so hard for me to try and not eat anything shitty and pay for these expensive foods like people suggest when I have no money and live alone and am so skinny because of acne, and everything I have cut out.

Please just make it go.


We all hear ya there. Have you tried the regimen on this site yet? I am brand new so I haven't, but I'm interested.. it seems to have a lot of success stories behind it.

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I can relate to ur experience. my acne is not a few pimples once in a blue moon and im freaking out, it is cystic. there is not a spot on my face that is not covered or has been, they just keep coming. i am in college and was always paranoid about my face, put on make up to try and subside the redness and how bad it really looked. my DR, put me on antibiotics and topicals.... and nothing. after months of really bad skin and nothing in the world helping it i had my breaking point and went to see a dermatologist (which you need a referral to) told me only accutane would cure this beast. i honestly can say it is probably the best thing that has happened to me and ive only been on it for a month and few weeks. lots of great improvements already but still some cysts - not as large and not as many. try it out see ur doctor!

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Thanks for your input guys :) Well i go home in a week and I have jotted down a massive list of what im gonna eat. cut all all dairy and trying to cut out all gluten. Just fresh fruit and veg everyday with chicken etc. Also gonna get a start on cetaphil facewash and moisturiser and take a supplement of zinc and B5. In reality this should hopefully help me but if all esle fails, accutane is probably my next choice

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