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5 Weeks Post-Accutane



Ok, so it's now been about 5 weeks since I finished my 6 month course on Accutane (4 months at 60/ day and 2 months at 40/day - 125 lbs) and things are going well. I have definitely seen a small amount of oil return, but it's usually just on my forehead at the end of the day, which is still WAY less than what I had before accutane. I'm happy to report that I haven't had any breakouts, but the rash that I developed at the end of my course (all over back, shoulders and chest) is still there. I have not visited the dermatologist to see what's going on with the rash because, to be honest, I am SO SICK of all the lab tests/ derm visits/ etc. so I'm just going to give it some time and see what happens. It's just small red bumps. The dryness of my face, lips, eyes, inside of my nose and scalp is much, much better and it really only bothers me at all if I dehydrate myself from a night of drinking. My joint pain is much better too!

I'm keeping my skincare routine the same as when I was on Accutane for now (Cerave wash in the morning, regular Cetaphil in the evening, and a small amount of Cerave cream twice a day). I know I'll probably have to adjust this down the line, but for now I'm keeping things simple and gentle. I'm also continuing to take flax seed oil every day.

That's it for now; I hope everyone is doing well!


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