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2 Months



2 Months

I can't even believe it's been a whole 8 weeks since I started this drug.

I still have those cysts on the back of my neck, they are so persistent, it's unreal! They have gone up and down in swelling and soreness for about a week now and they're getting pretty boring, my neck is so sore that I've been finding it hard to sleep, although today it feels so much better, think I might actually get a good nights sleep. :/

Anyway my face is pretty much clear, full of all sorts of different types of scars though, which is terribly unattractive. Still, I am seeing constant improvement in overall skin texture and tone, which is brilliant. I can't wait til I've finished my course so I can upload these pictures, haha! They are disgustingly inspiring. ;)


My skin is becoming drier and drier by the day, if i don't apply moisturiser all over my body, I come out in loads of red dry itchy blotches, yay!

I'm tired and I really can't be bothered to write much by the way.... :(


I have my derm appointment tomorrow, hahaha, funny thing is... He'll probably take me off Roaccutane because I've abused it so much, I've been drinking pretty much every weekend and I've been hammered every time, oops. My bloods will come back sky high, probably, I hope not though, I love this shit. :P

Anyway I'll be back with more next week, hopefully with a higher dosage. :D (Excuse the laziness please ;L)


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