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Day 8 20Mg



It's been a week, time is going by a little faster because i'm trying to keep myself busy and keep my mind of things. It has been easy because it's been absolutely beautiful here in MA, mostly in 70s, crazy for March, thats New England weather for ya! Also hard b/c now i have to try to stay out of the sun, but not i'm out tanning or anything just doing stuff around the house outside but i have spf in my face powder and have never had a issue, i wear a hat if i'll be out for long, but it will be tough if spring continues to stay this nice and then summer, stupid acne.

but went out shopping for our house today, we bought this past August but now that its nice again, i want to decorate more! decorating a big house is not easy, hah, there are too many walls and i'm not super creative at matching and interior decoration, hah but i'm trying! and it's fun!

Skin: my face looks okay. the spot i popped on my L cheek last thurs march 15, it slightly fading but still reddish pink. The other annoying spot on my R cheek is red but ? shrinking slightly but not fast enough, boo! I'm getting little-med red spots on both sides of the middle of my jaw bone, like 2-4 on each side, not terrible but more marks likely to come from them and there are already marks near that area. forehead is perfect, chin just has marks. CHEEks are my most annoying part because of the marks and few red zits, nothing huge but looks bad w/ marks of course. worried about IB! eek, i feel like it will be when i start getting drier on my face and lips because the tane will definitely be in my system by then and affects those damn oil glands and everything else, soooo i'm expecting over the next couple weeks, ugh!

side effects: slightly dry lips and area right around my nose flakes. skin is maybe slightly drier but still gets oily after several hours. can get a headache if don't drink or eat enough during the day, but i did before too. thats it for now

emotions: feeling a little more up beat lately, it's been easier to be okay w/ acne because of the nice weather. I find that i feel better when i go out and do stuff w/ my husband or close friends because it takes my mind off of acne and i feel myself (as long as i don't look in mirrors!) now i'm nervous about the sun like i said before because i will be going into the summer w/ accutane if hopefully cross my fingers my cholesterol stays ok, please please God! it has been difficult at work because i interact w/ so many people as an RN, i definitely feel less confident in my abilities, which is annoying, because acne isn't in my brain but i sure feel like it lives there something because it's always on my mind, lol i have to laugh at that. also worried about IB, eek.

here's to clearer skin soooooner than later. feels good to BLOG even if its just for me, whoo.

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Looks like you are just one day ahead of me in this big exciting process... I'm at one week on 80mg of Claravis as of today. I hope you keep updating so I can hear about your progress!

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