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Someone Please Help Me.

Liam Foster


This is my first blog post about my condition and I am praying someone helps me. I am 19 and my acne is at its worst. All over my face with scars left right and centre. I am at university and i can't even go outside! I seriously need help! I honestly cannot cope with it anymore. I see people with clear skin every fucking day! Eating shit after shit every day!!! still they have clear skin. I know people that do not wash very often, oh perfect skin! What's with it!! They seriously need to make this an epidemic, because i like many other young people cannot cope with anymore. I am young, i should be living my life to the max! I dream of haveing no acne, styling my hair, wearing certain clothes, meeting people without having to always look away.

I used to be so confident without any acne at all. then when i turned 18, it just wouldnt stop coming and spreading! What am i doing wrong! I have cut out dairy, bread, most sugar all though it is hard because most food, even healthy foods contain sugar. I do not have a facewash regime because i simply cannot touch my face. All i have is sudocrem which doesnt help, and i take 4 tablets a day of a supplemt called pantothen which hasnt helped at all!

Please, if my acne doesnt get better soon, i dont know what i'll do. I need it to go!

Hopefully someone can see this and just tell me what i should do. I am going back home in a week and i am going to start on cetaphil facewash and moisturiser, see if that helps. I also want a face cream for the acne to see if that works, but im not sure what! Please help me.


I think you should see a dermatologist and they'll help you!

I am currently taking Accutane because I've tried all the other medications and they either didn't work or eventually I became immune to them. I was really tired of having crappy skin and being insecure and not being able to be myself because I didn't have confidence, but Accutane scared me because of its reputation of having intense side effects. Well, I was desperate so I decided to take it anyway because I was out of options to be honest. Now, I am over halfway through my 5-month course and I can say my skin has been better than it has in a long time, and i have been SO much happier because of my skin. Accutane is the only thing that has a shot of clearing for skin permanently, while other solutions only keep your acne under control instead of actually getting rid of it. It doesn't cure EVERYONE of acne, but I'm hoping my skin changes for the better! Good luck and you can message me if you have any other questions :)

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Thankyou for your input :) Yeah Iv'e always been curious about accutane, i think we have all heard of its massive side effects, but it's happiness that we humans strive for and we will stop at nothing to have it, and tbh, if my acne doesnt go and gets worse, i think i will have to try and get on it. I am going to start very soon a facewash regime of cetaphil wash and moisturiser and hope to get some strong acne cream to see if that helps because when i was 17 i was on a products called zineryt and that worked wonders! So im guessing it could be because i do not clean my skin with a wash that my acne wont budge. I can only pray and hope it goes. Tbh, my right side is fairly good, its my left side which is awful! my chin is clear, but then my left cheek and left side of my forehead is so bad! My cheek hurts and my forehead acne just wont go!! Ugh!


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I agree.. Accutane might be the route to take. Definitely talk to a dermatologist if you can. I had some success taking Solodyn ( a high dose antibiotic) but it wasn't an overnight fix and I will be honest... when you stop taking it... it comes back. Good luck and hang in there :)

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I don't want to rush into taking accutane as of yet, I want to try BP and other products first as I have not done so yet and if all else fails I reckon I will have to look at accutane. Why cant acne be anywhere else!! Like my leg!!! haha :(

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