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Claravis (Isotretinoin) Day 5



Day 5: Took my fourth pill last night.

I went for a run on Saturday and I hope to go for one today as well. When I was on the antibiotic minocycline, I tended to get a little woozy or lightheaded when running (especially if I went right after taking it or on an empty stomach). That's not happening with Claravis, which I'm happy about.

I also went for a nice hike today, lots of uphill, and that felt pretty good. I used my new sunscreen, which is Coppertone Kids Pure & Simple 50 spf. It is oil free, fragrance, and dye free. It is a lot less greasy compared to the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free 45 spf sunblock, and seems to irritate my skin less - although it doesn't absorb very well over my moisturizer, and I might try putting it on under the moisturizer. Unfortunately, my face was very painful and irritated today in spite of the better sunblock... I did a lot of kissing yesterday and this morning, so that could be part of it.

My whiteheads seem a lot more fragile right now. Some of them dry up and form a yellowish scab, while others are wet and break easily if I touch them. I would definitely say my acne is getting worse right now, so I think I can expect it to keep getting worse before it gets better. On the other hand, a couple of my larger pimples seem to have receded - yay! My face is also pretty red. It was already somewhat red, so not a huge change, but I think it's from the accutane. My lips and mouth are also dry.

Other than that, I feel fine, I'm eating normally, libido normal, no depression or similar feelings, night-vision fine, etc. Huzzah!


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