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Tomorrow Is Week 18 On Tretinoin



So I don't know what I've done differently, but I have new spots in places that I never break out! Typically, I'll have an active or two on my jawline...and mayyybe one on the side of my face or cheek. But in the past couple days I've had one creep up above my lip, another about an inch the the left of my nose. and another in the middle of my chin. I also got two new ones on my jawline (not surprising, as this is where I normally break out). They are almost on top of each other. The only thing I can think of that I've done differently is that I've been doing some outdoor activities because the weather has been nice. I've also noticed that my skin has become really oily again over the past week or two, like it was pre-tretinoin. I'm reallly hoping that it's not due to me being outside, as I LOVE the outdoors. We shall see. This is frustrating.

At the moment I'm still dealing with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scars (all types, mostly rolling, but none are severe). I found a dermatology office that offers free consultations for scar treatments, so I'm going to call tomorrow and set up a consultation to see what they say. I'll keep ya'll updated on when the consultation is and what they end up recommending. And I'll be posting "week 18" progress pictures to my gallery tomorrow night. Hopefully these new spots will die down before I take the pics...I like to see FORWARD PROGRESS in the pictures, and when I have a set back, it's very discouraging :-(


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