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Okay so the nausea i had the other day is totally gone, it was just that one day and i don't think it was the accutane b/c other friends/co workers have been sick.

Side effects: nothing yet, face is still oily. the only place the is dry is the side of my nose but they were dry before (nothing new). not even dry lips, geez i hope this stuff is working. it seems that people really see side effects by week 2, i'll have to look into it more

skin: blaahh face sucks right now. i had 1 large red spot on my L cheekbone that i popped last night!!! ahhhh i know i should not have because it's already leaving a mark! damn me. i've been so good but this one has been there fore a little over a week and was never going away seriously.

new spot on R cheek, painful/raised/red, no whitehead=annoying. some new spots on L cheek- small and red. still bumpy on chin

not sure if this is part of IB, doubt it because i'm experiencing no side effects and it could be just regular spots that i usually get. who knows. Pores and blackheads are still prominent on my nose and cheeks. boo- never noticed it before until this acne started, like i need something else.

emotionally: feeling bummed out. acne is getting harder to deal with i think because when it first started a little over a year ago i didn't think it would be this persistent and leave all these marks that make it looks worse. i'm worried about my cholesterol being to high and getting off accutane- then what do i do? i'm also really worried about my acne coming back after accutane- know i'm a couple months off but i've read so many entries on here about it working and not working. i'm hopeful b/c it worked for my aunt and we have similar genetics and her acne was worse than mine. i'm just ready to go out and enjoy life and sick of being stuck w/ this acne and not want to do anything. i'm a nurse and all i do all day is help and care about people all day, it's stressful, but seriously don't i do enough to have something go my way?? ergg having acne makes everything harder, i could bitch about this all day, lol sorry. but seriously these mean nasty people have the best skin... seriously?! it's just unfair.

will post pics soon.

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I hear ya! I work in dental and all i do is treat people and why cant i get something my way! clear skin hurry up plzzz... ive been dealing with really bad cystic acne for about a year now too. now on my 2nd month of accutane and i cant say its made a dramatic difference but everyone around me has been telling me lately it looks good. obviously im not cured but i do notice the cysts are smaller in size and less of them. Hope your journey on accutane will get you some good results !

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