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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 12 & 13



Description -

I just began my fourth month, time went by so fast while on Accutane! So my allergies are gone and I can see my skin improving everyday. So earlier a week ago I went to get my blood test so I can get the meds on time. However, my dermatologist kept delaying and said that I could skip a few days since my face is better. Of course my skin is better because I only skipped one day (I am not even sure). Honestly, my dermatologist is pretty unhelpful considering that I pay $50 every time I see him for 5 minutes.

Side Effects -

- Same old

- Fragile skin, a bump against an object can scrap off a thin layer of skin

- Minor bleeding inside my nose

- I just want to add that I have had no thoughts of suicide

Advice -

- For dry lips, every morning and night take a wet towel and gently rub your lips in a circular motion. This will exfoliate and prevent LAYERS of dead/dry skin peeling off on it's own throughout the day.

- I have done this before. Looking into the mirror and seeking out every little flaw about myself. For those who do this, know from experience that others won't see most of the flaws things you see. I have proven this and it helps me keep my self-confidence up when in my opinion my skin is bad.

- Swimming - So I have stopped swimming at the gym for 2-3 months now. Last week I went for the first time and immediately my skin cracked. From this I concluded that it's impossible to take Accutane and swim; football is probably bad too with the fragile skin.

Skin This Week -

- A few stubborn blackheads or small pimples but I can deal with them

Running -

So my left knee healed but my right hip, knee, and ankle started to hurt. I am still very fatigued but I have gotten much better. Furthermore, my back is not hurting as much and I can do stretches easier now. With my dry eyes + contacts, I get a lot of tears when I run.


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