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Second Course...antibiotics...?



Sooo right now my skin the worst its been since accutane.cry.gif

Its so frustrating and confusing. I think it might have a bit to do with stress because the past few weeks i have had so much school work to do but i donno. Its to the point where at times im literally ready to call my doc and beg for accutane again. But them i think maybe antibiotics would help me, because when i got my wisdom teeth out last month, i was on penicillin for a week and my skin went from bad to great! So i think maybe i should try anti's but you cant stay on them forever and once i stopped my skin got bad again right away, at least with tane it stays good for a few months if not forever, if ur lucky.

Anyways its at the point where i dont see it passing or getting better without some interference. Also now i am getting acne on my chest and back which sucks more than on my face maybe because i cant wear any of my shirts!! I need to go shopping for shirts that cover my entire chest up to my neck wtfffff. And with summer coming up this is just not acceptable...accutane may be the only way to go im afraid. im heavily considering calling my doc on monday. she did say that if i tried differin and it didnt work she'd renew my script for clarus so im sure i wont have to pull any teeth to get it lol.

UGH. why am i cursed with this terrible skin.

My dad had bad acne and sometimes i feel so pissed that he even had kids, knowing the acne would probably pass to them (me).

Honestly i think it would be evil for me to have a kid and knowingly give another innocent person this disgusting disease to suffer with.

Yesterday i started wearing liquid foundation again, which i havent had to do since like....before accutane. That really was a red flag for me that things are not ok. It takes me right back to the days of spending soo much time in the morning trying to make myself look normal with layers of makeup on. And then looking at myself at the end of the day with makeup all nasty on my face...definently dont wanna go back there...

So i am pretty sure next week im going on tane again. i cant even deal with acne now that i have had a taste of perfect skin anything less is unacceptable and fucks with my mind big time. Anyhooo thats it for now.


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