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Intro And Day 1 20Mg!



AHHH, so after trying many acne products, here I am to take the accutane plunge! Im going to 1st start out by saying a little about myself so that maybe this blog will help others.

24F, 118lbs, 5'5". I have a fair-med skin tone i think, usually burn the 1st couple times in the sun then tan and can build a pretty dark tan (won't be doing that for a while). I've been struggling w/ acne now for a little over a year w/ blackheads, large pores, red bumps, pustules, and whiteheads. My acne is mostly concentrated on my cheekbones and lower cheeks and chin. Very few on my forehead, but once in a while a nice blackhead or red lump. My acne seems to be pretty persistent and inconsistent w/ ups and down that i can't relate to food, stress, hormones, ect so here I am frustrated and ready to clear up my skin and stay clear (i hope) for good.

Most recently i've been on spiro 150mg 2x/day and spot treating w/ BP. otherwise just doing DKR cleanser and lotion, which i will try to use as long as i can on accutane, because i know i will get extremely DRY all over so i've purchased cetaphil cleanser and lotion for a backup. Right now my face isn't that bad and i'm kinda nervous for it to get worse w/ accutane. I only have about 4 actives at this moment, they are fairly large and red on, 3 on cheeks, and 1 on chin. BUT i have a TON of red marks and red/brown hyperpigmentation that makes it look way worse. AND My face is super oily, it went down some w spiro but really not where i would like it to be. Even though my face isn't that bad right now, a month ago i was crying because it was terrible, and every time i said i need accutane but of course it's a process to get it and when i go for my derm or weeks before my skin is always better, ughh. so i say oh now i don't need accutane, welp i've done all the blood tests and visits so i'm doing it no matter what... here goes.

Acne has pretty much ruled my life over this past year and i don't think my face is terrible but it is to me and thats what counts because its' affecting my life and career and it shouldn't. obviously i've tried other products: tretinoin, antibiotics (mino and doxy), pro active, clinque 3step, differin (WORSE IDEA EVER, never try DIFFERIN- made my life a living hell), and spiro. i'm just so tired, tired of obsessing over my skin. and i know my husband is too so here i am.

I'm nervous. I'm starting on 20mg a day and just took my 1st pill w/ some grease as my derm said, lol. I had french fries tonight so it worked out but idk what i'll do the other nights. what have people been taking it with? My derm and I didn't discuss how long or what dosage but i'm assuming i'll stay on a low dose and won't go over 40 because my face really isn't that terrible, but we'll take it month by month. I'm really scared about my cholesterol though because its on the high side and i don't want to get 2 months into treatment and have it stopped, then this would all be for nothing, ugghhhh. so we'll have to see, if it bumps next month i'll ask what i can do, like fish oil or something, i know working out helps too, need motivation and TIME, hah.

okay well i'll be updating whenever i can and try to do it weekly or bi-weekly depending on progress and whatnot. I'll give a skin update w/ pics some weeks if i can figure that out and side effects (i'm really nervous about). Just spend $80 at CVS stalking up on my dry skin essentials in preparation, any recommendations are welcome.

I'm nervous but most ppl on here are happy in the end. i know these months will be challenging but here goes!


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