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Week 7



Week 7

Ok so it's week 7 and things are just constantly improving, I want to post pictures up so I can show you just how much progress I have made but I really am afraid incase anybody I know sees, silly I know... But it's how I feel :(

Breaking out :(

Ok so I went swimming last week with my friends, and I know that chlorine can not be the best thing for your skin while on Roaccutane, infact it may be on of the worst. the pool I went to has a reputation of having a large amount of chlorine in and when I left I felt incredibly ill, I went to bed feeling absolutely drained and I woke up with spots breaking out practically everywhere.... I had 2 big ones on my back, One huge cyst on my thigh and I have a mixture of cysts and pimples on the back of my head/neck. I know I won't be going swimming there again while on Roaccutane. Oh great I've just felt my scalp and felt a big spot. GRR! crazy.gif

Other than that my acne is clearing up just fine, my face is hundreds better and I'm left with red marks and scars which aren't very appealing :(

What products I'm using

Washing my face - I'm using the Dove beauty bar soap which i find works really well for me, It doesn't make my face greasy or dry, perfect.

Moisturising - I use Boots cucumber moisturiser and try and put this on every day, or I turn into a scaly dragon.

Lips - Anything with cocoa butter, that stuff is the shit.

I'm also showering every night, and just washing my face in the morning, It's working for me! rolleyes.gif

Anyway I'm not really experiencing any more side effects apart from a dry throat which I'm trying to kick right now, I have my derm appointment next week so I hope he bumps my dosage up, although I think he'll be super impressed with the current progress.... I WANT MY DOSAGE UP SO THIS SHIT WORKS STRONGER, LOLLLOLLOL!1!11!

Umm... yeah. that is all. wub.png


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