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Day 9



So nothing has really happened yet. My lips became dry pretty quickly probably within 3 or 4 days but they haven't been too bad. My hair is still getting oily as well as my skin. I currently can't focus very well because I am doing a white strip and it hurts like no other. Holy cow. Okay.

No sensitive gums yet, which is why I am trying to finish up these white strips. I had a cold a few days ago...not sure if it was accutane related or not. My energy is a little low but not enough to where I've noticed much. I've had 2 pimples so far...one was on my upper lip and I popped it even though I know I shouldn't have..but that's just a terrible place to have a nasty looking pimple. I am trying to leave the other one on the left side of my mouth alone. Although last night I treated both places with the proactiv refining mask all night and today I put a small amount of 2.5% BP on them. It will be really nice if I don't have an initial breakout. I didn't really have one last time.

Today I am not feeling very good. I have been cramping all day, but I shouldn't be starting my period for another 2 weeks..so that stinks.

I bought some of the Palmer's cocoa butter oil stuff the other day and have been mixing a few drops of that into my moisturizer morning and night to treat my scars. I was going to buy bio oil, but I thought I'd try something cheaper first. However, I don't think it will do anything for hyperpigmentation which is my biggest issue. Right now I'm just kind of letting time make those dark spots fade, once I get into my third month or something I may try a product for that.

The funny thing is I havent been getting any breakouts/pimples for several weeks now (even before I started the meds)...it's mainly these dark spots! My doctor said I needed to do a second cycle because I just keep getting more and more scars. So it will be very interesting to see what my skin looks like in a couple months or something. I have been reading old entries on this and I think around day 11 last time is when allllllll the blackheads started popping up...so I am really dreading that. I have been exfoliating, but I've been pretty gentle with that. Every few days I use the "St. Ive's" apricot scrub with salicylic acid and on other days I use a more gentle, "Simple" facial scrub. I am hoping that this will help with the blackheads.

Other symptoms....oh I woke up really sore today. My neck and shoulders just hurt and felt stiff. Dry lips as mentioned above. I think that's about it so far.


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