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New Year, New Me



SO, its been probably 2 months without a single blemish. Not. one. I'm over the moon. I feel like I'm finally seeing myself for the first time. Since I was 11 years old, I've avoided mirrors. I'd do my makeup in the morning (which was at least an hour long process, even when I wasn't leaving the house- I'd still wear a full face of makeup) and then try my best NOT to look at myself the rest of the day. Seeing myself in the mirror honestly depressed me, and a glimpse of myself was enough to bring down my mood for the rest of the day. Some nights, I'd just lay there and cry. I knew I was beautiful inside, but the outside didn't match. My skin made me feel like a monster, and I mourned that it was marring the real beauty I knew I possessed. Now, however- I'm actually seeing the person inside reflected in the mirror. I am going out without makeup, and feeling confident about it. I can see myself completely barefaced and I feel absolutely beautiful. It's really quite life-changing. I mean, people always told me I was pretty/beautiful etc. and I actually had quite a lot of interest from guys even when my skin was at its worst, but I couldn't see what people saw in me. This change is totally for me, not anyone else. Everyone else was able to see me underneath all the makeup and problems- but I wasn't. Now I am definitely starting to and it feels amazing.

Okay, so all that aside- here's what my regimen consists of: Spiro 25 mg daily, 1/2 Bactrim 800-160 daily, Acanya gel twice daily, Atralin at night, and I use CeraVe foaming cleanser and a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash. The Atralin (which is basically a milder form of Retin A) is doing wonders for my skin texture. I was afraid to use it back when I was still having a few blemishes/minor breakouts because I wanted to avoid the purging effect at all costs. I started using it about a month and a half ago though, and had absolutely no initial breakout whatsoever. In fact, I definitely think its even prevented any of the small blemishes I was still getting previous to starting the Atralin. I can definitely tell me skin texture improving and pores looking smaller, so I really look forward to the 6 month mark when you're supposed to see full results. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my regimen. My dermatologist and nurse were overjoyed to see me, they couldn't believe the improvement. Which is now literally 100% from where I was. I went from what I considered 95% broke out, both my face and body, with cystic acne as wall as non-inflamed comedones and cosmetic acne to 100% blemish free on both my face and body. Like seriously, 100%. For going on 2 months now. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and get a few blemishes around my hormonal cycle- but nothing whatsoever. The weeks went by and things just keep getting better. I really look forward to what this new year and new me holds!! :)


What a great read. Congratulations, Amber!

Reminds me very much of a blog I wrote at the start of the year. Turned the corner as far as my skin was concerned, although I have stumbled a bit since. Even so, I can totally relate to those feelings of being held back by your skin and by not liking who you see when you look in the mirror.

It sounds like you've been able to remove a lot of those feelings as soon as your skin's cleared up, which is fantastic. Fingers crossed that things continue going so well for you.

Even if you did get the odd breakout now and then, it certainly doesn't take away who you are or stop you being as pretty as you are, but I can appreciate that it's altogether better to like who you are inside and out, and simply not have to worry about what your skin might be doing from one day to the next. Enjoy it!


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I have the Same problem. i started the Regimen like 3 days ago and i knw that its way to soon to start seeing results but i want to have a back up plan if this does not work. But trust me i know exactly how you feel i have HORRABLE acne that i hate going out.

but Thanks for Sharing your Story :)

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Hope your regimen is working for you, Vee30, just hang in there! I was at the point where I had pretty much lost all hope when I found the right dermatologist/regimen that put my acne into remission. You never know when things are going to turn around, so never get discouraged!

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