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Derm Apt For Accutane Didn't Go So Well..vent Session, Sry



ok need a vent session:

Okay so today was suppose to be my 2nd blood test and derm apt to put me on accutane, BUT it's only been 29 days and not 30= annoying because i called the docs office when it was scheduled and said "its only 29 days the doc told me it HAS TO BE 30 or after" oh no no no you're totally fine, we're not open on saturday's so you can come Friday, i was skeptical but i'm like these ppl deal with this all the time so they know what they're doing right? WRONG. so i had my appointment but i have to do my blood test Monday, ugh. stupid secretaries, i knew i was right and will never trust them again (no offense to anyone on here that does admin work, sry) just frustrating.

now the appointment...1st the doctor said oh let me make sure i registered you b/c i might have forgot.... WHAT?! phew.. she did register me. however... my cholesterol has been up and down over the past couple years, now i'm 24F, 120lbs, 5/5, actually underweight according to me PCP who yelled at me in Dec. i work out, i don't eat a lot of cholesterol foods, so obv its genetics (DUH my mom and papa have high cholesterol). ok so anyway she said to work out because once my chole goes above 240 she stops accutane. JUST GREAT because mine has ALWAYS been 180-204. i don't know what else i can do to lower it except go on meds @ 24, crazy. i knew accutane messed w/ your cholesterol but i'm just super discouraged now because she made it seem like it's my fault, ridiculous and basically said she's gonna have to stop my accutane because i think it will obviously go up. now idk what to do, it's going to be soooo annoying if i go on accutane and have to come off in 1-2months, what do i do then.

Has anyone else has issues w/ high cholesterol before or during accutane?? i'd really love to hear how it worked out??

then she apparently thought i was on accutane before because i was registered. i explained my last derm wanted to put me on and we did the blood work, paperwork, ect but i decided not to. and she drilled me about it. " WHY?" i just told her i talked to my husband and family and thought it wasn't right for me at the time, which is true looking back my face really was starting to do well on tretinoin (minus being oily). and then she's like well does your family know now maybe you should talk to them. LISTEN LADY, i'm 24, have a career and a house i think i can make my own decisions, obv my husband knows and my family does b/c they've seen how upset my face has made me these last couple months and agree w/ me that it's getting worse. DONT QUESTION ME, i'm can make decision, i'm a big girl. i'm gonna pay for it. ugh

anyway sorry for the rant but i'm just annoyed that she questioned me on so many things and it seemed like she was attacking me. i now have to wait until Monday to get my blood work and then tues for results so hopefully i'm starting accutane next week? maybe? i told her a low dose is good for now pending how my acne is and labs or whatnot.

because as far as my face goes, it's not terrible. but i am getting 1-4 new pimples every day. some aren't bad, just whiteheads or clogged pores, but at least 1 red red bump a day. PLUS all the red marks/hyperpigmentation makes it look worse and i'm still really oily by mid-day, oil has decreased on' spiro but not where i'd like it to be. my face feels a little smoother too, which is nice. just the redmarks/hyperpigment is what really kills me i think. i wouldn't mind the pimples if they didn't leave these marks and make everything look way worse. a couple pimples=okay but PLUS all the marks that makes me looks like i have a face full of pimples= NOT okay.

i know marks fade w/ time but i hear accutane helps heal them faster, is this true??? anyone?

as far as my regimen goes, i'm still taking spiro 100-150mg 1x/day. then using DKR cleanser, moisturizer, and BP as only a spot treatment (working ok). obv i'm still getting zits so it's not totally working. still going through ups and down, one day 1 pimple, the next day 4-5. crazy... i really haven't been able to pin point a cycle w/ my acne or whats aggravated/causes it, wish i knew.

i mean overall reading back this post it's not terrible and things could be worse. but i'm still cancelling on friends and not going out and doing things i want to because i'm so self conscious. i mean c'mon everyone looks at your face when your interacting with them, it's what they see most. it's honestly giving me anxiety to talk to me ppl face to face at work and outside my house, even w/ makeup on.

i'll post when i finally know whats going on. thanks for checking in!

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Sorry to hear that wasn't the most positive experience with your derm. Doesn't seem fair at all that she would seemingly blame you about the cholesterol situation. I mean, sometimes, these things are just the way they are and we can't work on them until we're actually made aware of it. Still, things might be alright after all and we can at least hope the blood tests come back quickly and you get the go-ahead.

You know, it doesn't necessarily matter how bad your skin is. Or even if it's not too bad at all, as the case may be. I often think that severity is relative, in the sense that sometimes, it might only take the odd pimple to make someone feel self-conscious. I know that even though my acne was only ever moderate at worst, it might as well have been the worst case in the world in terms of how I felt about it and how I responded with social situations and so on, simply because I've never really liked what I saw in the mirror or had the confidence to be to around people, even if I was just slightly broken out. In that respect, if it's an issue for you and your skin's holding you back, then you're taking the right course of action to hopefully draw a line under it all.

Best of luck! :)

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