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Week 10 - Acne.org Bp



YEAHHH! My BP came on Saturday. It rules. It goes on very nicely. Initially, my skin was kind of dull and dry all over, but now it's getting better! And most importantly, my skin is CLEARING!

Here is what I have been doing daily...

  • At night I make sure to wash all of my makeup off, I usually use a little more cleanser.
  • Then I use about 1 1/2 pumps of BP all over.
  • Then I use Cetaphil lotion with plenty of jojoba oil. My face is usually very shiny and oily when I go to bed at night. No need to fear though, because I usually wake up with soft skin and all of the moisture absorbed!

    • In the morning, I don't use as much cleanser, because I don't have any makeup to wash off.
    • I try to use not as much BP, because it will dry out my skin too badly.
    • Then I use Neutrogena moisturizer (much lighter than Cetaphil), and 5-6 drops jojoba oil.
    • I let my face absorb the moisutrizer while I do other things to get ready in the morning.
    • If after 20 or so minutes it is still not absorbed, I rub the rest of it in, and may dab some spots with a washcloth.
    • Then I use 1 pump of bareminerals Prime Time, and allow to dry.
    • Use bareminerals foundation on spots with concealer brush.
    • Use bareminerals all over. Foundation, blush, mineral veil. I have found that LESS IS MORE! Really. When I use more moisturizer and less powder, I look a lot better throughout the day.

    Here is how my face is doing...

    [*]Forehead still looking good. One small whitehead that is on the surface, and not deep at all.

    [*]Cheeks feel so much better. Marks are still lingering, but the swelling and pimples have almost completely cleared.

    [*]Had some gross spots on the corner of my mouth. They are all dried up now from the BP, so it should look nice again, but for now it's super flakey.

    [*]I had broken out all along my jawline last week, which I found out was hormonal. But now it's clearing up and all that is left is some dry skin and marks. They should fade pretty quickly though.

    [*]Upper neck has been dry. Probably from this new BP that is much more potent than my 5-year old Proactiv. Dryness is managable though!

    Overall: Really good quality BP is key! If I had been using acne.org's BP these past 10 weeks, I can only imagine how much better my skin would be. I am just happy I have it now, and I hope it continues to get better. biggrin.png


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