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Week 13



So boys and girls, we last left off with me about to go into week 11 of Taz and also going to the derm. Well first let's talk about my derm appt. So he was very hesitant to put me on Spiro since I am already taking Ocella, so he prescibed my Doxycycline (Antibiotic) which I was a little hesitant to take because of all the horror stories I've heard about antibiotics. But then I thought hey you've taken Tane what's a lil antibiotics gonna hurt! Well let me tell you the first couple of days I was sick as a dog everytime I took them. Now I'm fine, when I take them. I'm on my 2nd week of antibiotics and 13th week of taz. I can say that I have no active pimples. Healing ones but no actives. Ever since I began taking the antibiotics my skin has taken on a kind of dewy glow. Don't know could be the Taz since I have passed the magical 12th week mark! I can honestly say that I am happy with my skin right now. It's not perfect but it looks better! Also I discovered a new powder that I LOVE!!! Mac StudioCareblends Pressed Powder. Love it, love it, love it!! It's perfect, does not seem to break me out and is not to heavy and looks really natural. Covers red marks perfectly! If you like the Mineralize Skinfinish you will LOVE the Careblends. I found that the skinfinish was a little too red for me. I am in between medium plus and medium dark. Anyways so back to acne....My derm said he will only leave me on the doxy for a couple of months, hopefully when I come off I won't break out again! So between the Ocella, Doxy, Clyndamycin and Taz I am about 90% clear right now and hope to get even clearer. I am still using my Clarisonic which I love (helps with the flakes) and witch hazel also helps with the flakes as well. I am not even putting moisturizer on at night with the taz. I'm just applying it directly to my face and I am not flaking at all! Well that's my update for the week. Hope it helps someone because I have received so much good advice from reading the blogs on here. Thanks for reading


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