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Week 6



Week 6

Ugh.... I hate skin.

I'm back again for all who missed me.... Not many changes to post this week, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet. My overall skin condition has improved but I do feel as though this is constant, My back feels really smooth though... so I hope this will happen to my face because it feels extremely soft and smooth.

My face is getting better, at the minute I have no cysts which is really something for me, Going from a face full of them to literally zero. I constantly check my face for any new pimples that might appear, If i find any, It sends me into a really sad and low mood which I absolutely hate, it must be another side effect but I'll go over that shortly.

I can truly say that this drug has been nothing short of a miracle for me, I recommend this to everyone I know with acne, but they're really not affected by acne as some others are, such as me. I am extremely happy with the results, but this whole process that Roaccutane puts you through, It feels as though I'm exiting puberty and my hormones are balancing out... if that makes sense... But yeah...

Oh and another thing, My dermatologist had to re-schedule my appointment to a much later date so I've used initiative and lowered my own dose so I'm only taking 20mg one day and 10mg the other, this lets me keep a constant balance of Roaccutane in my blood...

It's really hard to explain how my skin is right now but I have like 3 actives and that is pretty good for me, considering I used to have like 343423 all over. But as I said in an earlier post, I'll be posting pictures at the end. :)

Side effects

Apart from the usual dryness pretty much everywhere, I've noticed that I have a rash on the back of my hands, I noticed it at college but It's probably because I haven't been moisturising anywhere but my face, so I'll be moisturising my hands and arms from now on.

That's it....

Wanna know anything else? please ask... I'm happy to help :)


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