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Day 74



Cumulative dose: 72 mg/kg

Changed side effects since last post: Heel pain, persistent blackheads, two small pimples

Persistent side effects: Sweaty nose, dry lips, flaking skin on face

The heel pain has been around for several weeks. It's definitely my heel or lower Achilles tendon--not plantar fasciitis. Very strange. It's uncomfortable but doesn't interfere with activities. That said, I stopped running and taking long walks because I was afraid I might be aggravating it. I don't think that helped. I notice it most when I've been sitting for a while and then put weight on my feet.

Had my first pimples since starting isotretinoin, too--one near my hairline on my face and the other on my shoulder/back.

The dermatologist I saw two weeks ago said I looked vaguely oily and increased my dosage to 1.2 mg/kg/day. I haven't noticed much of a change, which is disappointing, though the side effects are nil (though they transiently worsened the first two days at the new dose). I still have light blackheads on my nose and cheeks!

I missed inputting my last labs. The following are fresh numbers after two weeks at the new dose:

Lab values (3/5/12)

AST: 21 U/L

ALT: 14 U/L

Cholesterol, total: 153 mg/dL

HDL: 60 mg/dL

Triglycerides: 121 mg/dL

LDL: 69 mg/dL

Chol/HDL risk factor: 2.6

WBC: 3.8 thousand/uL

RBC: 4.07 million/uL

HGB: 12.0 g/dL

HCT: 36.0%

MCV: 88.5 fL

MCH: 29.6 pg

MCHC: 33.4 g/dL

RDW: 13.5%

PLT: 194 thousand/uL

MPV: 9.7 fL

abs neutrophils: 2014 cells/uL

abs lymphocytes: 1201 cells/uL

abs monocytes: 494 cells/uL

abs eosinophils: 68 cells/uL

abs basophils: 23 cells/uL

gran: 53.0%

lymph: 31.6%

monocytes: 13.0%

eos: 1.8%

bas: 0.6%


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