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Sweetsundae21's Oratane (20Mg) Journey X > Day 15~Day 18 (20Mg) - Start Of Week 3



Day 15

More breakouts...................breakouts from yesterday, became bigger. I couldn't stand it cos it hurts. I popped a few..................

My lips are DRY now. I just cracked my lips and it bled. I just hope my skin will clear soon but it seems impossible, because I feel like my whole face is pimply. You know, washing your face, its sore and really bumpy. That's when you know, your going to have a pimple. Well, that's what my whole face feels like.

I had an acquaintance from uni asked me, 'what happened to your forehead?'. I'm not hurt, neither am I offended. I just wish people who are curious should just keep it to themselves. It was hard explaining that I was in a medication called 'Oratane'.

Aside from that, my face is getting WORSE when I didn't think it would get any worse, it DID.

Day 16

More outbreaks on my forehead, angry big red ones. Sore. And my cheeks are starting to flare up with acne/pimples. sad.png

Day 17

Fml. Lower jaw/bottom cheek area is having a slight breakout, acne/pimples coming to surface. A few whiteheads. My forehead is the worse.

My lips are dry. Other than that, nothing else.

P.S - Having a splitting headache now, not sure if its related to Oratane or not.

Day 18

The worst 'initial breakout' ever. I believe it's going to get even more worse. Big sighs. My family members told me to stop wearing makeup because it won't cover up my acne/pimples on my face. People will still see my flaws but I just can't help it but to wear makeup because I have no choice. It somewhat makes me feel better when I cover it up, even if it does look cakey on my face.

I wish I had perfect skin that didn't need to be covered up by makeup. I wish I can just go out of my house without having to worry what people will think about my skin.

Tired of wearing makeup to cover my face. I can't wait till this 'initial breakout' is over but I don't see it coming soon because when I wash my face, I feel all these bumps coming to surface on my cheeks (which I hardly get acne/pimples) and that is what I felt for my lower jaw and now I'm experiencing big angry acne/pimples on my lower jaw. Argh. Acne/pimples. sad.png


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