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Sweetsundae21's Oratane (20Mg) Journey X > Day 8~Day 11 (20Mg) - Start Of Week 2



Day 8

Finally, the start of Week 2!

I'm not experiencing any heavily dry lips. Just the occasional normal to slight dry lips. No dry skin? But I've been religiously putting lotion every time I finish having a shower. Also I have been drinking more than 2 litres of water per day. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with drinking more than 2 litres of water during uni but I'll be ok. Will need to visit the toilet, always though. Kinda annoying but I'll be ok.




Just looked into the mirror, one of my big acne/pimple on my forehead has slightly decreased in size but it is still there. It comes and goes, I suppose. My face still looks the same, no changes from yesterday, Day-7.

What a horrible timing to have 'the time of the month' during Oratane but I'll just have to bear with it.

P.S - I might get a fringe just before uni starts. I need to cover my horrible forehead. I think it will make my face look less pimply. Sigh.

Had lunch, and took my 9th Oratane pill.




Day 9

Just looked into the mirror, my face is still pimply (same old same old, as previous days. Refer to Day-7 or 8). A few more new outbreaks on my forehead and one big acne/pimple near my chin/right jaw.

Uni starts less than 2 days but whatever. I can do this. Yesterday night, I cut my own side fringe to cover at least 80% of my pimply forehead which is experiencing breakout.... Actually my whole face is experiencing a breakout...not just my forehead. I'm not sure whether I'm experiencing the 'initial breakout' or not.. But I am getting new breakouts on some days, they come and go and they leave a red mark/scar behind.




Off topic, I used to have a straight and side fringe so it was easy for me to cut my own side swept fringe because I had the guideline to guide me. It took me a bloody half a year to grow out my fringe for a mature look but its my last resort. I knew I had to cut a fringe to look 'less' pimply and makeup would slightly cover up.

P.S - Hardly any dryness? And face is still producing oil?

Day 10

Finally! Woke up this morning and I had slightly DRY lips.




However...........I realised that I have a habit of scratching my face when I sleep. Woke up to my acne/pimple slightly inflamed. --oh dear-- But somehow, some big ones are slightly decreased.

I'll just have to tie my both wrist with a hair tie. So I'll not scratch my face at night, being half asleep or asleep.

No changes in my face. Still producing oil. Still breaking out.

P.S - I notice on some days, I get dry eyes. And yes, I do wear contacts/glasses. Ever since Oratane, I've stopped wearing contacts. Better to be safe than sorry lol.

Day 11

I feel like I'm growing horns on my forehead. Yes, I'm experiencing more outbreaks. I couldn't stand my acne/pimple, they are big and red! I even put anti-blemish spot gel on these suckers, hoping they will calm down because uni starts tomorrow. Oh dear, is this really the 'initial breakout'?

I am not experiencing any side effects.. No dry skin? Hardly any dry lips.. Only sometimes when I wake up, I will get slight-to-normal dry lips.

But I do notice that when I do my liquid foundation on, the tip of my nose gets dry and flakey. Other than that, I am fine. Also....I've been noticing that my nose looks really rough in the mirror. All my blackheads are appearing on my nose. Horrible.




I hope all is well for uni tomorrow and nobody asks me 'what happened to your skin during the holidays?'

P.S - Lately, I have been noticing that every little thing gets to me. Like I get so emotional and moody at times.


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