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3, March, 2012 Weird Shit Continues - Change In Gas Supply - Farting Back After A One Week Absence [+ Skin Update]



3, March, 2012. [saturday]

From about about last Wednesday [29, 2, 12] there was a change in my "GAS" supply. I went from chronic horrific farting, which i would say was lower intestinal gas, to burbing/belching/acid reflux which i would class as more upper intestinal gas.

Before the 29th Feb i had a period of at least a couple of weeks with strong foul smelling farts. I has put this down to the start of supplementing Taurine or something to do with fibre.

Then on the 29th Feb it just stopped for no apparent reason and it seemed to transfer from my lower intestines to my upper gastrointestinal tract. I started to get belching, burbing, acid reflux and i had the classic symptom of feeling gas in my stomach.[ When i move my abdominal muscles i can feel gas and liquid in my stomach and it is somewhat uncomfortable - sometimes with heartburn type pain].

I could also feel a change with how my gastrointestinal tract was retaining water, it seemed like i was retaining more water maybe - this may have just been the presence of gas in my stomach etc which gave this feeling.

This continued until last night [sat 3,3,12]

Last night i could feel the farts coming again, i had a few through the night then some larger ones this morning.

I also had a loosish bowel movement this morning.

DIET report for: 2, March, 12

2 glasses water

Taurine [pinch]

Cocoa pops, rice crispies, corn flakes, semiskimmed milk, whey powder.

2 cappuccino chocolates.

Packet of breakfast biscuits maybe [can't remember if i ate them or not]

More coco pops with semiskimmed milk.

Vita A 50,000IU, Vit D 5,000IU, Vit E 250IU?

Cauliflower, broccoli, vinegar, olive oil, quark, mayonnaise, waldorf dressing, salt.

Jacket potato with vinegar, olive oil, quark, cottage cheese, salt, waldorf dressing.

Mixed leaf salad, cucumber, vinegar, olive oil, salt, quark, waldorf dressing.

Couple of new potatoes.

5 fish fingers.

5 quorn nuggets http://www.quorn.com...le_Nuggets.aspx

Home made "cheese" cake - white flour, eggs, white cane sugar, quark, vanilla extract.

[quarter of cake].

Fingers of suspicion point to:

Quorn nuggets - onion, fungus etc


Flour from cake maybe

The answer is blowin' in the wind [and it fuckign stinks]


Red mark which had been on forhead for a while finally developed into a nice large red spot last few days, comign to a white head today.

Couple of other smallish spots on forehead which developed from mid last week[tues/weds] maybe with one baddish one on side of head near eyebrows.

Couple of largish spots on back, chest fine, head/scalp not too bad.

Breakout seems to have started last tues/weds.

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Something to note is that i had a few hot cross buns during last week or so.

Also had shredded wheat this morning and continued to fart through out day.

Maybe wheat is a factor - fructans or fibre

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