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Round 2 Of Accutane



So I have started my second cycle of accutane. I have taken two pills so far (nothing to report yet). I can't tell you how much I wish I had sucked it up and done this sooner. My cheeks are completely covered in scars and dark spots. I don't know how they will ever go away, but I am hoping that by the end of this cycle I will see big improvements. I am planning on trying some scar treatments during my cycle as well (debating on bio oil, emu oil, or garnier's dark spot corrector). I know nothing is going to do a miracle, but it's worth trying. My face is clear right now, because up until accutane I had been using epiduo (a 2.5 benzoyl peroxide treatment) modeling off the regimen). That helped a lot, but I couldn't use as much treatment as I needed to keep off new pimples because it was so drying and irritating. So it helped, but it wasn't working as a preventative, and I can NOT afford any more scars. I started thinking that I need to do this second round of accutane for my future. Yeah, the regimen may have worked for a while, but it wasn't a cure. It just sucks because my face was destroyed during the month of November when I got strep throat and went on penicillin. Right after starting this antibiotic I began to breakout out of no where (and I had been doing pretty good prior to that). Even after I went off the penicillin nothing would stop the breakouts and basically in the matter of a month and one really bad/long breakout my face was destroyed with scars and MAJOR hyperpigmentation dots ALL over my cheeks. I am tired of fighting acne and I am tired of getting new scars. My doctor said he usually never has to do a third cycle on anyone so I am praying this second round will be my cure as I was not so lucky last time. I also am seriously thinking about getting a glycolic peel once this is all done and over with. I am planning on using this blog as a guide to foresee symptoms that are heading my way so I can try to prevent or lessen the effects as best as I can. I am going to start out on the same dose as last time (40 mg per day) and then we'll see what the doctor says. I am also planning on buying jojoba oil to help with the dry skin (esp. once I get those dry patches/eczema on my arms like last time) as I have heard many wonderful things about it. It stinks that it seems like all the amazing products are only sold online or in stores you have either never heard of or don't have near you. Although, I did find out GNC (found in many malls and other places) sells jojoba oil, emu oil, tea tree, lavender, and all kinds of stuff. So I may check that out.


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