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2 Months Post Accutane



I have three spots on one cheek and one just under my eyebrow, all within a few days :( One of the spots on my cheek is similar to the type I used to get, sore and with pus inside (although the pus is gone because I *shockhorror* squeezed it-it was ready to pop. I took my last Yasmin pill in the cycle on Monday so maybe it's come from that because I'm due. I hope so. Can't deal with acne again!



Could have cried this morning before going to school, not because of the spots themselves but the thought of being back to square one. 4 months of accutane for 2 months of clear skin doesn't sound fair. I haven't yet experienced totally clear skin seeing as I still have scarring that is healing, so acne, please hold off till it's healed, just so I can have that for a little while! I'm breaking out, I'm hormonal, my mam's in hospital after surgery, I get A2 exam results next week and my doctor wants me to take a test to find out once and for all if I have inherited psoriatic arthritus from my mam after developing signs of it, the likelihood of having done so being around 80%..not feeling great (although I know this hasn't caused my spots because I haven't felt the stress of this till now, and my spots were developing a few days ago). My whole eating healthy thing hasn't worked out, I didn't realise how much I relied on chocolate to function. My doctor said I have 'severe anxiety' and is consulting me to see a psychologist. Apparently this anxiety can cause chocolate cravings, and it would explain my constant fatigue. Because being in school takes me so much more energy than a 'normal' person (with energy being wasted through fidgeting, heart racing, breathing, sweating, using so much adrenaline and being so tense) when I do get home I am shattered and crave chocolate due to the rewarding chemicals that create an instant relaxed sensation in the brain, which my body craves after a day on high alert. Maybe this counselling will help me drop a few pounds :P Looking on the bright side-it's almost the weekend! :dance:


Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate at the moment. Here's hoping it all works out. Keep your chin up and try not to worry too much about your skin. All being well, that's just a little blip and it soon passes.

Fingers crossed you can get to grips with the anxiety situation. Sounds like your doctor might have made a connection between a few things though so I guess that could be a good sign going forward.

Best of luck to your Mum for a speedy recovery too!


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Well they've dried out which is good, but only with the help of Retin-A. I'm just thinking am I gonna have to rely on that for ever? :S Kinda scary, especially if my doctor refuses to give me it on repeat prescription. I seem to be getting tiny spots around my eyebrows when I pluck them, which has never happened before, and I feel like my oil is beginning to come back on my face/back. If it happens once a month and is just to do with hormones I don't mind, I'm just scared I'm gonna have acne permanently again.

The doctor's gonna phone me tomorrow about my options, so hopefully I'll have an appointment with a counsellor soon and won't have to be on a really long waiting list. Not sure how long people normally have to wait...

Thank you! She's much better already :D

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I don't suppose it would be a big deal if you had to use Retin-A to help maintain things during times when you might break out a little if it is hormonal. Perfectly reasonable that you would be able to get it and i don't see why your doctor wouldn't continue that prescription. Plus, you may well be able to sort something with them to help address hormonal acne, that could turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

In both cases, when I was waiting on one-to-one and group therapy, it was only a couple of weeks before they contacted me and each course started within a month of things being put in motion, so it was all pretty speedy in my experience. With any, you won't be kept waiting either.


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Glad to hear it wasn't a long, drawn-out process. Anyway, after waiting months to see a derm for the accutane I think I've built up some patience :P Thanks for the info!

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