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End Of Month Three On Accutane/claravis



Well hello there,

I am at the end of month three on Accutane/Claravis. I am still at 60/mg per day

Side Effects:

-eczema on the top of both of my hands

-Dry lips (have a minor crack in the corner that won't go away)

-Still breaking out with cysts and white heads

-Blurred vision at night

-red(sun burned look) on my nose and cheeks

My journey so far has been some what consistant unfortunately. :(

I started out pretty bad; Tons of black heads and bumps on my forehead and cheeks, cysts on my jawline, very greasy hair and face (can use at least three of those clean and clear oil sheets in one day), I had little red bumps on the back of both of my arms, cysts on forehead and side burn area.


-The blackheads and small red bumps on my forehead and cheeks went aways first

-Next the blackheads on my nose

-Then I started breaking out really bad with cysts on my jawline

-Last but not least and the LONGEST process; cysts on my side burn area/cheeks

All in all I would say that I am semi pleased with my progress. I have a derm appt. on the 6th of March and I am hoping that I will get a higher dosage (80mg) because I expected my face to be further along as far as progress by now. It seemed like the areas that are clear, didn't break out horribly and cleared very quick. As far as all of the other problem area, still breaking out;although I must admit the cysts that I get now are not a big and hurt a little less. I am really hoping that month four will be my turn-around because I think I'm due!!! I feel like my body should have taken to the medicine better by now, but I guess only time will tell....Ahhh the lovely waiting game!

Well I shall be back in about two weeks to let you all know how it's coming along.

Thanks for listening and good luck :)

Ciao for now



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