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Day 118



HOLY COW. I am now recovering (thankfully!) from a pretty intense reaction. On Valentine's Day, I wore my Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation and my face just exploded! Now, I've worn it several times before, and while I've experienced VERY MINOR itching, I never had a reaction as bad as that day. I wore it only out for dinner, didn't change any of my skin care products, and by the time I got home (about 2-3 hours later) my face was really itchy and uncomfortable. I wash it off, and my face was COVERED in stingy, itchy, scaly, peeling patches!! It was terrible! No amount of moisturizer could calm the peeling and stinging, and even worse, my usual face wash was stinging the patches. sad.png

I'm attributing this reaction to the high concentration of bismuth oxychloride. I didn't think I was that sensitive to it, and while I've gotten minor itching, I didn't think this would happen... stupid me, because like all allergies, you don't know how your body reacts until it does and allergies can always intensify and that's why you should be smart and take your allergies seriously. Also, I should have been smarter and not try products that contain ingredients that are irritating to the skin knowing how sensitive I am... :/ but alas, I wasn't.

Luckily, I did some research, and the following weekend from Valentine's Day I bought Avene's Extremely Gentle Cleanser and their moisturizer, Avene's Cream for Intolerant Skin-- these products are AMAZING. A week using those in place of my usual products, and my skin was healing nicely and is now almost as good as new! They were gentle and healing and did exactly what I needed them to do. Also, no break outs! Unfortunately, they are a bit too emollient to use day and night as I feel a bit oily when I use them twice a day, so I've resorted to using the cleanser in the day and my usual Clarins one at night. And I use my usual Olay Complete Sensitive Skin SPF 15 in the day and Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer at night, except on those patches, I keep on with the Avene Cream for Intolerant skin. This is working nicely, so I may keep my routine like this permanently, especially since my skin is much more balanced now that I've been using the Avene products. I LOVE them.

Also, I'm obviously never using that foundation again. Sticking back to my all time favorite MAC Face and Body. I wore it this past weekend and had absolutely no problems, and I've gone periods where I'd wear it everyday for a week or two with no issues or break outs. I really do love it, but mineral make up really appeals to me because it's so quick and easy to apply... hmm, so maybe I can find an alternative? After what just happened though, I don't think I'm going to give it a try for a while :/ haha

My next Isolaz treatment is coming up in two weeks or so! Woo hoo! I can't believe how much I love going now. smile.png My acne is getting better to the point where maybe after another couple months, I can consider lessening my frequency even more... we shall see!

P.S. Lastly, I was trying out Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Eye Cream for almost a month now, and while I'll do a more in depth review later, just know: IT IS FREAKING AMAZING! More on that later ;)


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