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Week 9



I love Jojoba oil! It has so many benefits, like...

  • Keeps flakiness under control. I often have no dryness or relatively little.
  • Keeps oil under control. It's definitely a wonder how an oil can control oil, but it does! I used to have to blot and powder throughout the day, but now I am usually only using mineral finishing powder once or twice a day.
  • Improves the texture of my face! My face doesn't look so rough, even with my few active spots.
  • Soothes. It helps make my face not feel sore or itchy from BP or dryness.

    I have also liked using Tea Tree Oil. The smell is strong, but it really is not that bad after a while. Everyone should quit being such a baby about it! I have applied Tea Tree to my chin and jawline, and the spots on my cheeks that are lingering. It has been working pretty decently. Makes the swelling on big spots go down.

    Here is how my skin is doing overall:

    • My forehead is great. It's been making me hopeful for the rest of my skin! It's smooth and like 98% clear. My makeup goes on so well, too. Makeup doesn't crease or look bad at the end of the day. eusa_dance.gif
    • My cheeks have been alright. They were looking better, but there are dark spots and a few active spots on them still. Left cheek has the same dark spot, it definitely is not active, but I noticed from feeling it that it is still a little raised. Right cheek has a whole bunch of small whiteheads confined to this triangle-shaped area! (So weird...)
    • Chin is alright. Had a big pimple coming up that went away a few days ago. I've really noticed that large spots coming up don't last as long, so that's good! I have a little bit of roughness and bumps on my jaw.

    Overall I have been feeling much better about my skin. I think it has a lot to do with the Jojoba oil. It just adds a lot of "healthy" look to my face. I am getting anxious about my BP coming though... Still waiting for it, and I am almost all out of Proactiv.


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