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Week 5



Week 5

*Some kind of witty introduction here* crazy2.gif

Well it's week 5 and time is just flying by... I thought the time would've dragged being on Roaccutane but it really has went quite quick.

My skin.... well... I think i must be undergoing the "purging" process because wow... my skin looks horrendous right now, although my larger acne has pretty much cleared away (as in cysts and other larger acne, yeah.), blackheads are coming out just about every pore in my body... seriously though; my skin looks as though it has aged about 349349 years.... It feels like sandpaper also and just looks dirty to be honest. Hopefully this purging won't last long, my nose is like a minefield. exclamation.gifexclamation.gifexclamation.gif

But trust me when i say this; my face is A LOT better than before, I've went from having 30 cysts everywhere on my face to like one cyst on my neck and smaller pimples on my face, bar the blackhead minefield my face has become but they are simple pawns in this battle, they are easy. banana.gif

Overall acne at the moment

I'm going to go into detail on how my face has became and what it's currently like because I haven't went into detail on any of my other weeks so I'll do that now for you, and plus you'll not be seeing my photos until the end of my treatment, mer.

Anyway my face is healing very well, inflammation has decreased dramatically everywhere including face, neck, back and chest.

I have one current cyst on the back of my neck but I think that it's time has come and it's dissapearing, quite fast infact. My face is quite red and I currently have about 982349892384 blackheads (A very accurate estimation), I no longer wake up to huge cysts ruining my day at college, my face is dry which I LOVEE YAYY!!!

my lips are dry which I don't love, grr.

If I have missed anything out or you just want to know anything about the activity of my face, please ask. grinwink.gif

Update on side effects

  • Dry lips
  • Dry skin
  • Occasional tiredness
  • Loss of sex drive?! geek.gif
  • Extreme sensitivity to sunlight - Seriously, I can barely open my eyes outside and I have attained some vampiric qualities, (I HATE SUNLIGHT NOW! doubt.gif )

These side effects are very minor and don't affect my everyday life, apart from the dry lips as to having to reapply lip balm every 20 minutes. sneaky.gif

I can't think of anything else so... BYE!

You've got 7 days.... without me.


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