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Claravis Day 17



I'm not even really sure why i'm updating. Nothing has really changed. Well okay thats not true. My skin looks pretty good, my dad saw me for the first time in about a week yesterday and he said my skin looks a lot cleaner. So far no initial breakout, my skin is just a little pink, but my skin is always pink so it really doesn't bother me. I guess i'm pretty lucky thus far. No side effects. Haven't had another headache, I just drink water non-stop. My skin isn't really dry still. I just have a couple little flakes right around my mouth, my lips have been a little bit more dry than they have been. Aquaphor is awesome though, I just use it a couple times a week and it's all good. My hair has been a little more dry lately which is nice because I can skip a day of washing every now and then but i've noticed that when I skip a day of washing my scalp gets really itchy. My blackheads are surfacing it seems like, which is just weird looking but I can only tell when i'm two inches from my face. The only other thing that has happened since my last post is that I have a little cold and sometimes when I blow my nose little flecks of blood come out, or little clumps. It's strange but really not an issue. I know it's awful but I still pick at things sometimes, well not pick, but occasionally pop little things. Everything heals super quick though, I am extremely lucky. Anyways if anyone has any questions, or comments, let me know!! Sorry this is a pretty boring post if anyone actually reads it. Remember to all try to be positive! Picture at the bottom obviously. Just a few little spots, it's better than it was before though, and you can see the pink in my cheeks.


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