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Day 13




so this is my very first blog. I thought I would share my experience with everyone and hope it helps to those unsure about using accutane and struggling with cysitc acne.

My name is Katarina, im 22 from Canada and have been struggling with acne since puberty. During my preteen and teen years it was fairly normal acne here and there a pimple. As I got older it would just occur before my menstrual cycle and then go away. I have a really bad habit of popping them. Just last year I moved away from home for school for the first time. As school got more stressfull and being away from home got harder, my acne got worse. I started developing really bad acne along my jaw line, hairline, cheeks, neck, chest, upper arms and back. The worst was on my face, they kept appearing around the same areas all the time, and they would feel like pressure and just stuck under my skin. I kept my face fairly clean washed every night and morning, but wore makeup during the day as I felt embarassed and wanted to hide them as much as I could. My doctor had put me on antibiotics I used for about 5 months. I stopped using them before I went away for the summer on vacation as it said try to minimize the use of direct sunlight. Anyway, during the summer my acne definately minimized but they still felt the same. They were not pimple like or little blemishes, they were nodules and occured around the same places. As school started back again, the acne came back again as bad as it was. I decided to go to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist which felt like forever to get an appointment with. She right away said accutane would help me. She was fantastic explaining everything to me. I did alot of research myself online but I felt everyone had such different experiences and I didnt want to overthink things and alter my decision of wanting to go on accutane.

I started accutane - Roche almost 2 weeks ago. I take it at the same time everyday with food. I did not feel any symptoms probably until about day 7 my lips were starting to dry and so was my skin. But I think the cold weather here could be a factor aswell. Another thing is I decided to stop wearing foundation and all that to help minimize any factors in clogging my skin and causing acne. Though I feel very self conscious and paranoid, I am hoping it helps. So far I dont see a large difference or anything of that sort. My skin is dry and flakey and still kinda red with active cystic acne. I dont except it to be gone in a week but hope to see some changes soon.

Products I use:

face- dove unscented moisture soap

face moisturizer- Eucerin

Lips- the body shop lip balm with vitamin E and SPF15

Body- aveeno body wash unscented

Hands- Aveeno hand cream

I hope to continue writing here on my progress and get some pictures up as a timeline and help me & others see a difference!


looks like I wont be far behind you on this miserable journey... Good luck to you! I don't get to start until March 14th... and I'm (unpatiently) counting down the days

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Thanks, that sounds great. I was very impatient aswell and just wanted to get started ! I have been suffering with this for a while and am glad to get going. The journey so far is not so bad. I dont feel any symptoms other then the dryness but it isnt so dry. which is probably bc i am taking 40mg once a day and only 2 weeks in. Best of luck for when you do start!

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I used to do the popping all the time too..... thankfully i've gotten way better about that

And when I got those antibiotics I almost suspected they were placebos! I don't know about you but to me it seems like they do nothing at all.

Good luck to you! I felt the same way about it; self-conscious and all, but at least there's the consolation that everybody on this site probably feels that way. confused.gif

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Thanks! Im glad I found this site to share my experience and relate to others. Now knowing im not going through it alone.

ahh, its such a bad habbit I cant seem to get out of! I cut my nails, i still seem to do it, i sit in class hands on face its just so apart of me I dont know what else to do. What did you do to break the habbit?

As for the antibiotics, they were useless. No change what so ever. They didnt go down in number, in size or redness.

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Yeah tell me about it.... we might as well have been taking tic tacs.

Oh man, the not touching/not popping is TOUGH, I'll give you that. Best tactic I've got is just the reminder that if I do it, it's only going make it worse.

I still get sucked into doing it from time to time, but if you start the habit of not doing it, you tend to stop.

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