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Day 80 - Dry Nostrils And Still Breaking Out



I'm halfway through my 5 month course! smile.png It seems like a long time since I started taking Accutane but luckily this journey has been very very bearable and not as miserable as I anticipated. The only lasting annoyance is always putting on lip balm and having to bring it everywhere (and if i forget my lips are VERY uncomfortable).

It turns out that my blurry left eye was due to dry eyes/my contacts. PHEW! rolleyes.gif

The insides of my nose have been getting dry and I did get a nosebleed at school. The inside of my nose feels tight if i wiggle my nose, but as long as I don't pick at it then I'm ok with the nosebleeds.

2 cysts on my cheeks ermm.gif However, other than those 2 pimples the rest of my face is a couple peely skin/healing spots and my skin is still smooth. I used to have some bacne too but now my back is totally smooth/ less oily.

I don't like how I'm still getting cysts my 3rd month into this treatment. Last time I saw my derm she bumped me up from 60 to 80 mg because my skin wasn't clear yet.. I wonder if she'll bump me up even more.


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