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My Personal Regimen



I am a 19 year female that has suffered from moderate to severe acne since the age of 12.

I have very oily skin and was subject to cysts, pustules, whiteheads and scarring before finding relief. Believe me when I say that I tried everything before finding a regimen that suited my condition.

If your skin is anything like mine, then hopefully you too can benefit. Keep in mind, my skin is not 100% clear, most, like myself, are genetically prone to acne and there is no miracle cure for it. But, I can definitely tell you that this regimen has finally given me the clearest skin I can hope for at the current time ------ I have gone from having a face literally covered in huge, nasty, pussy zits to just a few here and there.

1. First, eliminate all dairy products from your diet!

There is a direct correlation between the hormones in dairy products and the production of acne. Seriously. I used to consume cheese, ice cream, heavy creams and butter on a daily basis. Within a week of cutting it out of my diet, I saw a dramatic reduction of whiteheads. When I do consume dairy, I notice that my acne will flare up. Caffeine also makes me break out and is related to acne as well. Try to eliminate or significantly lower your caffeine intake for best results.

2. Keep your face clean!

This pretty much goes without saying. Avoid touching your face at all costs and wash it between one and two times daily. I have oily skin, so I like first using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (orange bottle) to wash off all of the built up oil and impurities. Then, I like to gently scrub with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub. Throughout the entire day I pat the excess oil off my face with Clean&Clear Oil Blotting Paper. I go through so many of those wipes, it's crazy! They keep me shine-free and my skin stays so much clearer without that extra oily buildup!

3. Topical Medication

Perhaps I owe the majority of my clear skin to Clean&Clear Persa-Gel!!! I have tried tried countless topical acne medications, but this is the most effective, I saw results overnight within my first use! The benzoyl peroxide in this products is comparable to prescription strength brands. I use this product after washing my face. Before I apply it, I use Clean&Clear Astringent (orange colored kind) because the salicylic acid helps to dry out existing pimples. I only use a moderate amount of the Persa-Gel because too much can dry out the skin in certain areas, even really oily skin like mine.

4. Avoid Additional Irritants

If you notice something in particular causes your acne to flare up, then avoid it, whether it's a certain kind of make-up (look for non-comedonegenic on the label), food, moisturizer, shampoo, or face wash--- many even find that smoking hurts their skin. Only you know your skin best, everyone's acne is different and will react differently to certain things.

I know that I'm no doctor, but I have had success with all of the products and methods that I've mentioned and I hope that it will also work for you. I appreciate your feedback--lemme know if you have any luck!


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