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New Hope



I'm feeling pretty super fly these days. My skin is fairly clear. Thanks to the good dose of sun and sea that I had when I went home, I just have to keep up the Selsun because I know the seb derm is just lurking below my darker skin tone. But that's nothing to whinge about. I also have gone back to Dan's Treatment. I think I was fooling myself believing that Oxy was somehow better, it irritated my skin too much (mostly because it was 5%) and it didn't seem to clear it as well, it was also that irksome whitish colour and fiendishly thick. I think I just hate the thought of paying what the product is worth for the postage, but considering it's quality and quantity it should end up cheaper than those little pharmaceutical tubes.

I'm also feeling a little happier with my life right now. It's always good to go home and touch base to remind yourself how terrible it would be to still live with your parents (jokes, jokes), and I caught up with one of my old favourite friends who still lives around. I've also had an informal chat with an HR Director in Canada, and will have an interview this Wednesday, providing he still doesn't have SARS the flu. So I guess I can see the light, the clear skinned, perfect complexion reflecting off my soon to be white face - light. Canada will probably be in August, post-graduation and for 6 months. Thank God the government throws money at us poor poor students, it means I can afford things like plane tickets.

This has been my anthem for the past couple of weeks, I don't know why, except that I'm addicted. The video is super creepy, so maybe just read on and ignore it. It reminds me of 2 summers ago, which is when I was surfing and having a lot of fun, but it's not in a bad way, I feel like I'm just kind of letting that stage go. It's going into the category of a fond memory, rather than a jaded and envied one that had confined me.

I've also been living with my other roommate (A-tar) and his gf, because she moved out of her place and our place is their halfway house until Chiang Mai, and Ka pun ka/krup are regulars in their vocabulary. But it has been pleasant, I think it offers a little more balance to the stoner kids and J-Dawg's bad moods. I'll be sad to see them go next week. I'm even sort of hesitant to start back at uni next week. More work, less workouts. My fist pumping and party hardy ways will have to cease until July. Such a thought pains me, but I'm kind of looking forward to catching up with uni friends and getting through my last semester. I'll miss seeing everyone at work though, as I go back to my scanty once a week shift and perpetual poverty. But it will be hope-filled poverty; exuberance for the goat's trail that wanders forward.


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