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Lerosett Days 7 And 8

A damsel in Distress


Summery of day 7: Things went ok, people have been telling me my face is doing better but I wonder if they're just saying that because they know I'm trying a new thing and they want to make me feel better or if they really see an improvement?eusa_think.gif

That morning (Thursday) I washed witht the cleanser, used the Lerosett clay mask for 15 minutes, toned, put on Badgers SPF 15 spot treated and then cleaned house like a mad woman. Along with laundry. I didn't use the healing serum because I knew I was going to be washing my face and puting make up on around 4ish. Which is what I did, I washed, put on Olay complete sensitive skin SPF 15, Almay Clear Complextion Concealer and then dusted my face over with e.l.f Mineral Blemish Powder, then some eyeshadow and curled my eyelashes.

Usually I dont wear make up when its just the guys coming over but when it's mixed company (aka other girls) I feel like I have to. When I'm with guys they just kind of except me, but girls make me feel so...I don't know. Inferior. They all have awesome skin and they know they're good looking and that guys like them. They're tall,slender, dark hair, dark eyes, tan skin, great skin, white teeth.....you get the picture. I'm the opposite. And guys relate to me that way. They look at them like they're WOMEN. They look at me like I'm a woman.huh.png I could have two huge white heads on my face and they'd never notice but if one of them walks in a room with a small red pimple around 'that time of the month' they all notice. They see me differently.

But enough with the self-pitycomfort.gif

I removed my make up with olive oil (I'm still trying to get the hange of it ), then washed with the cleanser, mask for 25 minutes, toned, healing serum, Then wore Badgers SPF 15 to bed. Alot of people think this is weird but I LOVE it! The ingrediants are soooo good for your skin! Then I spot treated with the mask and went to bed. I have 3 big pimples coming up on the side of my left cheek but I'm spot treating ad they havent gotten any bigger so who knows.

Day 8 (today)

I still havn't washed my face, I'v been too busy cleaning up after last night and washing laundry (I do laundry for my guy friends that share an appartment. Its cheaper that them using the coin up). I'm going to do my usual routine, and I'm trying to decide about make up. I'm going to my grandparents house overnight and they always give me pain about my skin, because I'm the only one in my family who has acne. But I just feel like My skin needs a breather. Especialy seeing as I'm going to be wearing make up saturday and sundaysaywhat.gif

Oh well, We'll see.

As far as food goes, I didn't do well yesterday. It is so hard to try to lose weight when you have guy friends that say stuff like "why are you trying to lose weight, your perfect. Have another taco. Oh, and you have to try this dessert". My mind always wants to believe them when they say I'm perfect. But I know I'm not. I'm not 'fat' but I'm at the high end of 'plesantly plump'. I need more control.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with orgainc Blue Agave Syrup.

Lunch:I will eat a salad.

Dinner: try to eat as little of my grandmothers southern cooking as possible.

Exercise wise, I'll walk on her treadmile tonight. I think I'v found the treadmill for me on craigslist too! I'm so excited! And it's in my price range!!!

The LORD is too good to me. wub.png

Delightfully, Merolleyes.gif

P.s I'm sorry this entry was so self centeredstrongsad.gif


Hey there! I really appreciate your comments on my blog. It always does feel that your the only one who has acne, doesn't it? I'm thankful for your encouragement :) It really helped brighten my mood this morning when I just wanted to quit.

I'm using the queen helene mask right now. I've been through a whole bottle of it before and have really liked it. It doesn't break me out like a regular aztec indian mask does.

I know how you feel about feeling like you have to wear makeup around women. My fiance has never said a think about my acne, always says I'm most beautiful without makeup (ha, yeah right), but his sisters all have PERFECT skin. Like, seriously poreless, blemishless, perfection. And I'm talking without makeup. I always feel inferior around them.

Hope things improve for you :)

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Hey, thanks for your words of encouragement! I really needed them right now.

Keep up the faith girl, someday we will have good skin. You just gotta have faith! :)

Delightfully, Me :)

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