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Day 11 On Amnesteem (Accutane) 40 Mg



Well, things have been going pretty ok! I think I have entered the initial breakout phase. crazy.gif I was hoping I would be that percentage that didnt!

I have numerous large lesions on my cheek and they are all clustered together. I think that this was something waiting to come out though because I remember having small bumps there before accutane. My forehead also has several large nodules where previous small bumps were. I had a few blackheads that were impossible to get rid of without ruining my face but they have purged themselves out on their own! So I guess that is one positive! I don't have to really squeeze pimples anymore to get stuff out. It is kinda coming out on its own!

I have had dry lips and face. My face is a lot drier than it was a few days ago but it is bearable! No aches, pains, dry eyes or the infamous 'seeing or hearing things that aren't real'. Thank god! I had a slight headache the other day but I can assure you it was because I did not drink enough water. Does anyone know if it is true that Accutane dehydrates your whole body, and if so, why? Oh I also went for a 30 min jog the other day with spf 30 on along with bare minerals and I came back RED! I am guilty of being a tanaholic in my previous days and I do not burn easily due to my complexion so this was a shocker!

I started feeling a little 'out of it' the other day BUT it may be due to a recent move, other stresses in life, and me thinking about it wayyy too much. I think the best way to deal with this process is to not think about it too much! Is anyone else going through this?question.gif

Thanks for reading! cool2.gif

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Oh gosh, I usually jog outside 3 times a week for about a half hour too. I haven't since i've started accutane because I am so afraid of the burn lol. I am so super pale and I have noticed my face feeling burnt after just sitting in the car with the sun on my face for 10 minutes or so. Anyways though, yeah accutane does dehydrate your whole body because it soaks all the oil up not just the oil on your face. Guess we will all have to get used to having lotion be our best friends. I'm glad it's all going well for you so far!

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