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Claravis Day 13



I just took my pill for today. It's a lot later than usual but I woke up super late cuz I was out super late. I have drank twice since I have been on Claravis, my doctor never said anything about not drinking, I really probably shouldnt drink though. Anyways though onto my skin. My skin isn't dry still, I still don't really have any big breakout, just a couple really little things. No under the skin big painful things. My blackheads look like they are surfacing or something though? I have no idea if maybe i'm just imagining that though lol. My lips are a little dry but aquaphor a few times a day takes that right out. I had my first headache yesterday, man it was AWFUL. Like just crippling pain throughout my whole head. I will never not drink enough water again, because that was horrible. Anyways though, no complains. Just super excited to see what the next few months bring :-)


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Hi Hgresz! I am a 25 year old female and I started Amnesteem (the other brand I am sure you know) 40 mg on February 14th. I am day 11! I am excited to see how your journey goes! I feel like the stuff under my skin is surfacing as well! Are you looking in the mirror a lot like I am? I am trying to quit because it is going to drive me crazy! I had a headache a few times as well too.

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Ugh I look in the mirror all the time, it's awful. But I feel like I am seeing a few improvements. I haven't had an initial breakout yet so I am just hoping and praying that all this stuff that looks like it is surfacing just kind of falls out and doesn't break me out like crazy haha. That would be nice. I pick at my face all the time, so not looking in the mirror would really help that out too.

We will both have to drink a ton of water so we don't get headaches anymore because the one I got was just awful lol.

I'm glad you commented! Its so good to see other people who have started right around the same time I did so we can check and make sure were all going through the same things and not freak out as much haha!

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