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Week 8 - Jojoba Oil?!



Sooo it has been rough! I broke out on my cheeks and now my chin sad.png

I was upset because I have been faithfully using BP. Buuut I realized I never ramped up the dosage due to the fact that I am still using my one little bottle of proactiv BP. Acne.org is backed up, so it will take longer than expected for my new BP to come.

I started using more BP this past week, and my cheeks have mostly cleared with some red spots left behing, but my chin is still suffering. It's not only suffering from spots, but is also extremely dry! I was really upset today with how dry and flaky it was all over my chin and around my mouth. My mom went and bought jojoba oil and tea tree oil today though biggrin.png I came home from school and took off my bare minerals makeup with a makeup remover wipe, and put on moisturizer + jojoba. It feels sooo good putting on jojoba. I am hoping that more BP in combination with adding jojoba will put me on my way to clearing my face!!


  • Forehead is pretty tame. Had one spot coming up that went away the next day.
  • Jawline is AWESOME! Clear and smooth
  • Had a really swollen spot under my eyebrow. No one could see it, but it hurt. It's no longer active though!
  • Cheeks had clusters of deep pimples. Left cheek is no longer painful, and is red and only slightly raised. Right cheek had a perfect triangle of pimples! One is gone, one has a small scab, and the other has come to the surface and should be gone any day now...
  • Chin is super gross right now... I have three spots that feel like the hormonal kind of spots that I usually get on my jawline. Painful.


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