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It Has Been A While...



Hi all,

I have been busy for a while, so I haven't got a chance to blog, but I just want to update you with the progress of my acne. I am glad to say that I am clear from acne nod.gif It has been 6 years, and I'm now 17, it has taken a long time, though trial and error. The main reason, I think that had helped me clear my acne is not stressing, and to control your emotions. I know it's hard to do, but I promise that once you stop fussing with your skin, stop worrying about what people would think of you, you'll notice improvement. Try deep breathing every time a situation is hard, it works for me every time, it helps keep me calm. Also, yoga and meditation to help clear your mind. I don't do yoga or meditation every single day, may be once a week (I'm very lazy). I still get the occasional spot on my chin due to hormonal issues during the time of the month. But, hey it's not big deal.

For my skin routine, I'm very low maintenance. At night time I use a gentle exfoliating scrub. The brand I use is the Superdrug Vitamin E Face scrub. I swear by this stuff, I love it so much!! Used it for 4 months already and it's still gives amazing result every time. Before this I used Clean and Clear cream wash and as soon as I switched, I have noticed superb improvements in my complexion. I believe this stuff is a life saver. I was reluctant to try it first as it doesn't say it helps with spots/acne, but it's made up of oats so I had to buy it (obsession with oats) and viola, its amazing!! The vitamin e also helps with acne scarring!! If you don't live in the UK or can't get access to this stuff, just use a hand full of raw oats and soak it with a bit of warm water and massage it on your face, it works just as well, you can leave it on for an extra 5-10 minutes as a mask =)

After exfoliating, I'll use my apple cider vinegar toner, I posted about this and how I love it. It helps with scarring and oil control, etc.

Then I use a skin oil. I know what you're thinking... OIL?! wouldn't that just make you acne worst? No, it is actually much more better than your normal moisturiser!! It has healing effects and cares for dry skin, which I have along my jawline. Don't worry if you don't have dry skin, oil + oil is good too =) The skin oil I use is the Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Oil. I really love this, the first time I used this I was scared that it will break me out, but I challenged myself to use it as my skin was really dry at that time. So, I put some on my fingers and apply it on my face in circular movements, and it's amazing!! You know those tiny oil balls in your skin, especially under your eyes and forehead? I had a lot of those and omg, just from the first use all those tiny disguising oil balls was on my fingers!! Not even my exfoliating scrub can get rid of it and this oil did!! I love this stuff!! It's vitamin e, so it help get rid of acne scarring.

Once or twice a week, I'll do a mask. Usually a mud mask to draw out any imperfection and soak up oil or a turmeric mask (I mix turmeric power with aloe vera gel and apply on my face, it does stain, so I suggest using this only at night and in the morning, wash the remains off with your normal cleaner.)

In the morning, I don't wash my face with anything but warm water. Washing you face too much will strip its natural oil, so it wouldn't be able to heal itself. After I dry it with tissue (it's more hygienic than a towel!) I apply my aloe vera gel, and if I have a pimple, I'll use the Manuka Doctor Blemish Cream UMF 18+. I heard a lot of good stuff about Manuka honey and it's true =)

As for my diet, hmmm, I try not to eat too much sugar and fried stuff, that's about it.

I also take vitamins; 45mg of zinc, a good multivitamins supplement, 25mg vitamin D, vitamin A, fish oil and turmeric capsule. I know this sounds like a lot, but I find that with all these supplement together, it has definitely improved acne.

I follow Tracy McCullough's blog called The Love Vitamin. She has helped me on my journey of clear skin =) You should check it out, I know it will help you on your way too =)

I'm not advertising, everything that I have written here is from my own experiences. I have not been paid to review the products I have mentioned above.

Good luck eusa_pray.gif


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