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Lerosett Days 3 & 4

A damsel in Distress


Ok so here is the summery of day 3 (sunday):

When I woke up my face was in the second level of purging (raised pimples that you just know are going to be huge white heads by the end of the day), but I had to go to church so I washed my face, did the mask for 10 minutes (instead of 15 because I am chronicly late for church ), toned, healing serum, Olay complete sensitive skin SPF 15 moisterizer (let it set for 5 minutes while I ate breakfast) and then put on my make up (Almay clear complection concealer, e.l.f powdered mineral foundation, and Truly Natural mascara) and decided to make the best of it. After all, the reson you go to church is not because you look good.

I was busy all day so I didn't get to take my make up off untill almost midnight...I made the mistake of poping my huge white heads before I took my make up offeusa_doh.gif . Don't ever do that. It's stupid.

I washed my face in the shower and let my pores open up from the steam, then did the mask for 10 minutes (I was tired people...5 more minutes was going to be like agony!), splashed my face with cold water, toned, put on healing serum, then Jojoba oil, spot treated with the mask on my popped areas, then went to bed.

As far as food goes I ate orgainc cereal for breakfast with skim milk, had Hot tea instead of coffee on the way to church (didn't even put honey in itsurprised.gif ), had a small sandwhich and fruit for lunch, and had fat free sherbet instead of icecream with the guys after the movie. I'm kinda proud of myselfrolleyes.gif .

Day 4 (today):

Got up, washed face(which looks sooo good! The places I popped last night are almost gone and I only have one small white head. I'm still in the purging cycle, but my skin just looks so good! wub.png ), did mask for 10 minutes (my excuse this time is I work at a stable before school so I have to get there intime to clean out stalls and all that other fun stuff), toned, healing serum, olay complete sensitive skin SPF 15.

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal (I roll the oats myself so that I get all of the oat instead of just the inside) and organic Blue Agave syrup.

Lunch is uncertian but whatever it is will be miniscule and have no sugar in it (except the naturally occuring kind)

Supper: One portion of whatever my friends mom makes for dinner. No dessert but maybe fruit.

All I will drink is water or hot tea (without anything).

I'm looking for a used treadmill(or a cheap new one) that I can get so I can start incorperating exercise into my routine. I'm also thinking about doing Honey masks once or twice during the week.eusa_think.gif Well, untill next time, I remain,

Dellightfully, Merolleyes.gif


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